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Congratulations Jason and Jeff and the Enertion Team… One of the most exciting products coming soon to the Esk8 community.


It just seems like an oversite. Why bend wires if we don’t need to?

Not too many of us are running our battery packs off the right side of our boards. On any deck there is more length than width to work with.

I’ll be interested to see more builds with them


Thanks for the continued step by step updates! I can’t wait to get my hands on mine!


Will there be an option to keep the cover black like in the picture. Unless you mounting outside of the enclosure I don’t see the need to make it a color ( save money )
Black looks cool already.


That strongly implies that it would void warranty and that you could check.
But you may let it slide most of the time but then that means you could discriminate some users and not extend the same curtsy.

Now nothing negative here mate I have a focbox and I’m sure you guys would quickly own up to a faulty unit.


Colors are a nice placeholder for different vendors or even different hardware flavors


there’s going to be multiple variants of the unity?


I have to agree with @Eboostin I think the battery leads should be going out the back as a majority of people have longer enclosures instead of wider. Are the connectors xt60 or xt90? Because those connectors with 10awg wires would definitely push that total width out wider then the 14cm. Since it seems basically impossible to move those solder pads without a major delay maybe enertion should put a bend in the wires at the factory to eliminate the end uses needing to void a warranty to make the unit work for them. Plus I think the plastic pieces could easily be 3D printed to drop the price of the unity slightly.


I’ll let you 3d print 1000 cases for us then, when can you have them ready :slight_smile:


It was just an idea but something that could totally be done a a factory in China.


They can’t please everyone ><

But ihmo, with it’s small form factor, having it come out the back or the side doesn’t really matter all too much.


3d printing is only cheaper in quantities under something like 100 or less depending on mould complexity. It is most helpful on forums like this to give advice in departments which you are experienced, and ask questions in fields which you are not. I already said the width is about 14cm, I have the unit sitting on my desk right now. I don’t just make up numbers. The case is 118 mm, the wire bend extends maybe another 15mm.

The silicone case is one of the cheapest components on the unity. Most of the budget is going to the BOM for the pcb.


In the original pictures that had posted it the wires for the battery coming out the side looked that they were not as flexible as they seem to be after seeing your pictures I see they are flexible. What gauge wires is the battery leads. I also didnt appreciate the fact that you told someone to basically void the warranty and modify the unit by reflowing the solder pads to where the power connectors comes in and rotate. I understand it is just a suggestion but he was discussing the wires coming out the side as constructive criticism. The focbox had the power connector coming out the box and the motor leads coming out the front and that works great for the applications it is being used in. Why it would be changed on the unity I dont know unless it is because of the connector ports take up the whole back. Also in your picture is that a CAN cable on the far right connector?


It would be great if they could angle the wires on the pads towards the back from the factory. Or do some kind of 90 degree connector


Something like this (it’s only xt60 though)


I honestly can’t tell if you two are intentionally trying antagonize me. Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean it’s a good one. ITS LITERALLY THE SAME WIDTH AS EVERYTHING ELSE:


Ok, now that that’s settled let me put my happy face back on :smile:


You see how the xt60 comes out the side, do you think there’s anyway you guy’s can change the location so it comes out the back?

Edit: Or at least bend it for us so it’s facing the proper direction. K thanks


We are just going to work on a wireless power solution using… mutual inductance… or some-such…



All caps is fun



wowah lets all lay back and chill here a bit.