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any idea of release date?? i want an untiy but dont wanna wait 6 months for only the last part of my build…


I think @Deodand said it will be out sometime Nov?


He has high hopes…much like CarvOn and OnLoop. I have my fingers crossed. Depending on Chinese factories often means missed dates and quality issues that needs to be fixed. At this moment, I’m assuming the typhoon probably push dates back a few weeks. Hopefully this doesn’t go as far as Lunar New Year.


We will ship pre-orders as soon as they are ready. It’s possible right now they are ready before November, but most likely sometime during November is the ship date. It is hard for me to imagine a scenario where the unity isn’t ready to ship before 2019. The BOM for 1k units is already on order and the PCBs will be ordered as soon as we complete testing for production test units. The unity isn’t a full Eskate build it’s just a PCB with a case, so it’s much less complicated than the Raptor 2 logistically because there’s simply less pieces/challenges to consider. Don’t expect Raptor 2 level delays, but there’s always a small chance some detail trips us up for a few weeks. Once production sample testing is completed (2 weeks from now) we can provide a more accurate estimate. I’ll continue posting updates as they come :slight_smile:


Do you know for how long the Unity will be on sale ?


10xMilled heat sinks, all that’s left is laser etching. Can’t wait to get these samples in!


Most likely until they hit their minimum order requirements/budget of year or quarter. One of those on-going type of sales tactic


Are those milled cases going to be waterproof? I wanna use it for off road mountainboarding


mackann- Do you happen to have a discount code you can send me? Really appreciate it :slight_smile:


I don’t remember it now, but add the item to your cart whene logged in and wait 24 hours and then they will mail a discount code to your mail automatically


sick! Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated. So 2.1 They Claimed on FB Messenger last night would be shipped in November if I paid today. Pipe Dream you think?


11% (i think) code.


Thanks Man- Do you think the will still shoot out the Larger Discount code of over $400?


What large discount code for over $400?


Mcmann had posted back on Aug 20 " mackann


Aug 20

I can give you a $487.67 discount code for that if you need?"


How much are you wanting to spend where you want to use a $400 discount?


That was 11% of that’s guys order


Ahh Understood


Hey Mac- Currently Available and ready to ship is the Raptor 2.1 the best Direct Drive out? I was looking at the Carvon but can’t determine if that board is even shipping or not? I just purchased the Evolve Bamboo GTX AT. I like it but I would for sure prefer the DD over the Belt.


If you have the money go carvon evo 4wd, if not go for the raptor 2.1. Yes their was some time whene carvon didn’t reply and didn’t do mutch, but I think they have started to deliver boards and parts again if you look on their topics