Buy FOCBOX Unity

FOCBox Unity Group Buy


If connectors and everything is left untouched, you still don’t cover if used on Diy.?


So no point in the warranty for 90% of us ?


The lack of support for DIY should be WAY more prominent. That is a huge deal


60 days warranty only covers manufacturing defects
1 year warranty covers all type of issues
we are able to replace or repair the unit but we are not able to provide support with the setup without platinum warranty


Unity is officially Raptor 2.1 replacement component, that’s why it has 3.5 mm bullets and Xt60 connector


People are never going to stop bringing up those bullet connectors & the XT 60s lol


I know :stuck_out_tongue:
I have the response available every time :slight_smile:


Just set a hotkey lol


Already done :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice work guys.


Yup - dunno if it’s ettiquete to mention, but my Unity showed up about a week ago at this point. Very happy with the group buy.

My 6374 maytechs also came in and I found out I need a sensor adapter if I don’t want to cut things up haha


@s5300 I think I might have a few left. Give me an hour and I’ll check for you. I could probably ship it to you for $1-2.


As I sit in a Waffle House parking lot in the middle of the hood, I check esk8 and am very thankful for this offer.

Let me know, I’ll throw ya some cash. I miss the days of sending out hundreds of $1.52 4x8 bubble mailers haha


So I ran out of adapters, but I do have both sizes of connectors and I can solder you one pretty quick. $2. PM your address. PayPal is

Sorry for the late reply


@thisguyhere Any extras? I guess I missed the group buy.


nope, they’re all gone now…

enertion’s shipping next batch soon, priced well too.


After this month they’ll ship it, does someone know with what shipping company does they send it?


Thanks for the reply


my focboxs shipped on Monday and they used DHL to the US


Guy’s I had some significant issues to deal with and well I am back but still working to resolve. Please let me know anyone that was shorted on group buy to my knowledge one individual from CAN and one form Iceland am I missing anyone? Not making excuses trying to make it right. I have a number of Unity controls in a box from the factory just need to confirm there is still a desire to receive given the unforeseen delay on a couple of international shipments. If you would like a full refund for Can and Iceland will process immediately and understand. I believe all domestic shipments have been fulfilled.