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First Look at TorqueBoards Direct Drive Motor


Thanks I don’t know why I took so long lol


Looking good @moon


Looking damn good but maybe wrong thread?:sweat_smile:


Lol maybe dont know where to put it.

It was more for responding to this picture ages ago, I wonder if @Mikenopolis has seen it now :laughing: :



Stop taking my money @moon.

Looks promising! Thing we are gonna need more teeth on the pulley for those


Yeah but the good thing is that you can also attach versa pulleys which are very cheap


@torqueboards Hey would it be possible to alter my preorder? May have went slightly overboard thinking I needed a 4wd 90KV… Thinking the 70’s would be a safer bet.


Just because all that power is there, doesn’t mean you hage to always use it!

I mean how quickly do you need to reach 35?

Thats the beauty of the 4wd 90kv. You have more speed than that on the occasions you want it, but still have the torque (or more!) Of a dual 70kv setup.

What I am trying to say is… keep the preorder!


Yea I agree in principle, but I live in a 20mph zone and am really considering using this for two separate boards now rather than a 4wd as have heard of a few vesc failures.

Equally using the board to commute after a 15 hour shift ii should air in the side of corsion?

Im reckless and starting to realise I don’t trust my self lol


@F.Taylor yeah, that’s fine :slight_smile:


A bit expensive :sweat_smile::cry::grimacing:


Lol, expensive? Have a look at carvon motors then tell me that.

Not gonna lie it is out of a lot of people’s price ranges, but it does take time to design these things, a profit must be made and compared to the rest of the market it is very fair


@pat.speed Yes, I have seen the carvon. These both are way outside my budget though:]>


It’s not really more expensive than a world-class belt drive, to be honest.


Yeah, I understand that. A world class belt drive would smoke it tho…no hate plz lol

Damn @b264 you changed the post


@b264 what is an example of a world class belt drive?


And you still need belts($20), pullys($100 good press fit ones) and wheels ($90-$140)


Dual 6380 or 80100 motors, 20mm belts, surfrodz, full riptide setup, CNC mounts and jlabs pulleys

@Skunk wtf those motors are way overpriced, that’s just fucked. $180 AUD for 1 motor is ridiculous. @psychotiller I feel as though you aren’t trying to rip us all off so maytech must be charging a shit load. I think this calls for us to march on their factory with fire torches and pitchforks


I replied to the wrong person by accident :rofl:


I believe they are about $140 each directly from maytech. Think you can get them down to $100 each on large orders. He’s only making $30 bucks or so per motor.
I’ve been told by alot of members that they are some of the best motors available atm.
Just under $300 for two quality motors shipped seems right to me.