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First Look at TorqueBoards Direct Drive Motor


Me too!! I am about to finish my first build, and already thinking on my second one: Hummie deck, TB DD, 110mm wheels 13s4p :drooling_face: One can dream…


4wd on a my haya deck… mmmmm mmmmmm


Haha… I don’t know… I like it all. It’s definitely a different experience. I’ll have to test it more and I should be getting some samples out to a few folks soon who can share their view on it.

Personally, I enjoy dual belt drive for unsensored and when climbing steep hills especially running unsensored. DD motors of course would be better sensored.

Thanks @Chaka nice to see you back.


this. is. awesome.


What kv did you guys end up settling on… “prays for 75kv”


What size wheel – and battery voltage – did you have in mind while praying for 75kv?


97- 110 and 10s for vesc reliability


110 Molds are being made so hopefully we have some big boyz soon! They are pretty fat wheels though.


fat? like contact pitch? :smiley:


Yup 110x65… almost like 68mm wide with the lip but contact patch is 65mm.



damn i need these.

expect an order when my wallet can take such a beating :laughing:


Also testing out some 160x50 Pneumatics :slight_smile: so looks like we’ll have to be riding more decks with better clearance… kinda sucks it’s harder to ride these without kicktails. Should be fun though.



surely you have these on a drop down right?


Yeah, that would be the best option. Dropthrough or downhill type decks.


Do you have pics of the 110? What’s their weight ? Thanks


I’ll get some photos +weight on Monday.



From @b264

They will be black on black though.


what’s the duro ?


I think we’re probably going with 83A. They are still pretty soft at 83A much softer than other wheels at 83A.