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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



I ordered the basic version because i have 0 space in my enclosure man. This is never gonna fit



u forreal man?


Yes foreal
The basic reciver is much smaller and i needed and paid for that one but got this one in and i cant use it because i have 0 space
Really bummed about this:-(


Thats the reciver i ordered.
Remote is fantastic i wont lie there really sweet.
Just got the wrong reciever:-(


just send it back, im sure Stefan will send you the correcto one. Mistakes can happen. I’ve seen you complain way too much… This is not a product you buy from a normal vendor, it is still in developement and all the work is done by one guy: Software, Hardware, 3d Printing etc etc. Thats a ton of work that just consumes a lot of time

The purpose of a thread is to discuss porduct/topic related matters. If you got any personal problem please deal with it via PM instead of posting countless messages, don’t be so childish


I agree and i am not bashing at all. The remote is fantastic i am extremely impressed. Just sucks i cant use it yet.
Wish i did have space for it but enclosure is tight very tight with space:-(


My point is that clearly it was an innocent mistake. He sent you a product with a higher value than what you ordered: he lost money as it is, and perhaps even has someone with the wrong receiver- someone who paid for something more, and received less. Perhaps there’s a language barrier, but as @bevilacqua said, Stefan is working hard on these and is a one-man team.
Just next time instead of “Dammit! U sent me the wrong one:-( / I ordered the basic version because i have 0 space in my enclosure man. This is never gonna fit” it could be “Hey man, it seems that you might’ve sent me the wrong unit, could you get in touch? Thanks”


Calm your tits guys.
I agree i could have said it better yes i agree.
Mistakes can be made of course.
Just got very excited to finnaly have a good remote and put it in today.
Was just very disappointed thats all.
I really wish i had the space to fit it in i really do. But just not gonna work. The remote looks and feels amazing very impressed did a great job!.
And the soldering on the reciever is really good.



Why didnt i make more room in my enclosure! Lol.
Headlight function is pretty sweet i will say



i am so sorry :frowning: i can fully understand your disappintment! I ll send u another one tomorrow! I got a spare one at home! That sucks! I checked my private order list and it looks like i made the wrong entry for u! In the order sheet is BASIC RECEIVER and in my list is ADVANCED SELECTED.

Sorry again.

Thanks @totalgeek9224 and @bevilacqua


My bad for attacking the way i did.
(My bad mate sorry)
Whats the spring for?
To make it heavyer on the wheel or losser?


If the tension for the remote is to strong, u can cut the spring to your preferred lenght and strength.

The breaklight and headlight feature is really nice… sad that u don’t have enough space for it!


Speak of which, when are you gonna do a full length video of this so people can see its full feature set? :smiley:


I already startet a little guide… not finished yet. Should be ready until thrusday… :slight_smile:

Maybe i can make a video at the weekend toghether with @bevilacqua . My board is not functional, because of my broken Foxbox. I allready got a replacment but with wrong connector. Unfortunitly bevilacqua is super busy like me.


If i can help in any way with the write up, let me know!


Hey @StefanMe I’m not sure if I’m the only US person seeing this but it seems there’s been no movement on mine for at least 4 days… Is there anything goin on? I know HAYA had issues with exporting to the US…


Just received mine, omg!! It’s really nice ergo feeling! Thumb wheel and killswitch are really pleasant to play with, and the 3d print is really good, mad props for your printing skills bud.
Just couple questions Stefan, don’t know why but I can’t get rid off the estop, I disable but still in there activated, I tried well, no luck.
Something to improve, the antenna on the Rx didn’t last more than 5 minutes, just fell down.
Just quick silicone wire soldering and up & running again.
I’m waiting for your write up about the connections on esc side.
Thanks buddy I like it :slight_smile:


Hmm strange… i ll call them tomorrow! I hope everything is fine.

Strange… can u try something for me? Just go into settings menu and make all the changes u need (estop, wheel size, throttle ect…) then before u leave the settings menu, switch off the receiver, then switch off the remote. The power on again everything. Does it work now?

Thanks for the advice of the receiver antenna wire… maybe a big drop of hot glue on the solder joint to make the connection more rigid?