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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



It did not make any difference, all other settings I can change them without any problem, with the regular procedure. ( Is not a problem for me most probably is a nice feature )
About the antenna, the hot glue for sure will help, but I think also better to use a wire with more copper inside.


I noticed that too. That the green wire on the reciver would not last long. Is any silicone wire usable?
Really love the remote its impressive


No that doesn’t make a difference, the amount (thickness) of the cooper inside makes no difference in signal strength… the length of the wire is very important! In EU versions it must
be 15-16cm! In US and AUSTRALIEN it Mist
Be 7.5–8cm

The best wire u can use is a solid wire… but it’s not worth it. I tested it. If u push the menu button, u can cycle to the CONNECTION page. The big value there is the RSSI. The higher the value, the better the connection (starts at -30, critical under -70) keep in mind -30 is higher than -40 :wink:

Ok, I ll check this tomorrow…! MAYBE it’s just an visual problem…

I am not shure that tue message on the remote (E-Stop armed and estop actrivated) is connected to the settings. I ll explain it tomorrow in more detail.


I mean more copper to hold better the movements in the solder spot.


Ah ok, feel free to exchange the wire… sorry, i Never had any issues with that. If your build is finished, add a big shrink tube over the hole receiver except of the plug and the reset button. That should hold the antenna in good place.


Jist noticed that my tactical switch is not working.
Was working when i got it the afternoon.
But was just trying to change some settings but i can use the trigger switch it will not activate
Any ideas?


Hmm u hear the click from the trigger? I write I a pm.


As an update was a very simple somthing. The right pin was not soldered so connection was poor. Easy fix:-)


Same thing with mine


Strange… can u please add a bit solder to the joint?

It looks like I tried to clean up the solder joint and accedently removed to much solder…


Looks like its just a wrong handling in the remote itself. The estop is OFF, but the remote is showing ESTOP ACTIVATED, I ll change the message from ESTOP ACTIVATED to CONNECTION LOST when estop is OFF.

Anyway… keep it activated :slight_smile: its just too cool to deactivate it ;).


I am noticing if i wish to change trigger to killswitch it says communication failed



Hi Sofia, my decks that were sent from germany to the US via regular DHL shipping sat for 5 days in the logistics centre for export shippings.
Its christmas and therefore logistics hell, could be just that

@StefanMe , if you call them you could open a official reclamation, maybe that helps


Have u already paired your receiver?

Second point in the setting menu…


Hopefully we see some movement soon on the US remotes :crossed_fingers:t2:


I thought changing settings in the remote as such would not be needed to have it connected
But i do i take it?


Some settings need changes in the receiver as well ;)… specially all safety features…


Can i connect the reciver to a 5volt supply and test it?
The red and black wire correct? To a 5volt


no, use the USB to power the receiver…


Right got it thanks.
And the estop cant be turned off?