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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)





did your work say how long it takes to get to the US typically by chance? Couple days? Couple weeks?


I ask them later. but i think 2 weeks to your door max. Depends on what we have to ship there.


Will we be getting tracking numbers ?


I hope. I don’t know till yet.


The plan is to send them today correct?
From germany right?


yes :slight_smile: they are already in the shipping department in my company


The end game…


Any updates? Tracking nrs?


Nope…, I ll not get tracking numbers for all remotes. Depend on the country…

I ll get the tracking Nummer on Monday or Tuesday. Takes a bit time. It’s a big company :wink:


I hope for our almost $200 sake we will get tracking numbers… shipping packages to big cities is usually atrocious and if (when) something goes wrong it’s way easier to get some kind of result with a tracking number than without… :grimacing:Thank you for your hard work though, I hope everything will work out :smiley:


I hope so too!!! But they told me all packages are with insurance… so there must be a tracking number. I ll inform u all as soon as I get something! Minimal all remotes outside Europe will have tracking numbers… sorry its a bit strange.


It’s ok, you’re doing the best you can! Thank you!


I agree for 150euros or whatever i paid i would expect a tracking nr to be honest.
Would be nice to be able to see when the delivery date is expected:-)
Looking forward to seeing the remote.
So darn sick of my cheapy remote. Dont get me wrong it works but a decent remote will be sooooo nice:-)


Agree, tracking would be really nice. Can’t wait to have a really nice remote.


Still waiting for your remote to come…tell me how much better is this one compared to the one you sent me…and how much are these again…I might put in for the next batch…


Does this remote have an odometer feature is would you be willing to put that in?


I go to the shipping office in our company this evening and ask them again… I also want tracking numbers, because of the expensive parts :joy:

I also send u all some spare springs, if the tension from the spring inside is to strong, u can simply exchange the spring…


I got updates!!! Tomorrow u ll get tracking numbers :joy: don’t ask how… I had a big fight with the shipping department :man_facepalming:t2:


Great news , thanks for following up.