FatBoy Nano Urethane Gear Drive 1:2.6

So another family member :sweat_smile:

FatBoy Nano Urethane Gear Drive 1:2.6

A smaller version of our urethane gear drive for urethane wheels.

The difference from FatBoy Mini Urethane:

Nano Mini
Gear width 10mm 14mm
Cover Plastic Aluminium
Hangers Compatible TB218, E-Caliber FatBoy 230/240
Gear Ratios Fixed 1:2.6 1:2.4, 1:2.6, 1:2.8
Motors 6355, 6374 6355, 6374, 6380 (on 240)
Motor Axle 8mm 8mm
Motor Axle Length 15mm 20mm
Recommended Wheels ABEC 107mm, Kegel 100mm (ifish) /110mm ABEC 107mm, Kegel 110

Price: 200€ (230$) + Taxes & Shipping (Pre-Orders will start on Black Friday)

Estimated delivery January

Drops Black Friday :microphone:


Is there a gasket on the core to keep from debris entering?
What are the draw backs of a 10mm gear?
I suppose this fits dual 6380 with the 240 hanger
Is the cover POM or 3D printed?

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There is V-ring same as on Mini
6380 would fit on 240 but I think they would be bit too much if ran high currents but it depends.
Cover is the same plastic used in FatBoy SS impact/noise reduction plastic.

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Oh okay so I guess there will be a stainless face as well.
They may be fine as I am considering them for 4wd. So less stress per drive.

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These are gear drives without hangars?

They work on TB218 (looking if fits 6355 on e-caliber)

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I like the thinness of this drive! Will torque/gear wearing be an issue as they are 10mm? Let’s say if i were to use one of these for a single drive.

Shouldn’t be I just updated as in reality Mini gear width is 14mm. So 4mm less will not have much different :slight_smile: Also don’t forget this is on urethane in worst case you will slide which will reduce stress on teeth compared to pneumatics.

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Also on the side it should be even more silent compared to mini as contact area minimizes so I wouldn’t be surprised that it will be the same noise as belt drive :slight_smile:


so is this a black friday only price? if so how much would this be in the future.

Edit: also were you able to check if these would fit on e-calibers?

No we will only begin taking pre-orders :wink: To see if anybody is even interested to buy it :slight_smile:

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waiting for this


I think he siad they will fit but only 6365’s

interested as well

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6355 on e-caliber maybe big maybe

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Is this the same one you were offering fur 400 euro?

they are thinner, so quieter he said. the 400 Euro Groupbuy is for the mini.

Mini includes FB 240mm
Nano does not


Kinda the same, it has static one gear ratio option, is narrower, plastic cover (same ass FatBoy SS) not aluminium, doesn’t come with hanger

@ethel Mini includes FB230 or FB240 :slight_smile:

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First pieces of prototype