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Evolve Carbon (Gen2, non GT) FOCBOX Upgrade



Another question, how did you mount the focbox on to the heatsink, do you have one of these?


I actually have mine just stuffed into the enclosure with some foam. I had planned on mounting it to the stock heatsink with screws by drilling the matching hole pattern. However I have found that it barely gets warm (via bluetooth telemetry) and so haven’t bothered doing that yet.


Hi again, I have another question. How did you manage to put the focbox inside the enclousore? It does not close because it’s too high with the original case and without it i’m afraid It could get overheated since the mosfets would not be in contact with the heatsink.


Im not sure what you mean, the board’s enclosure has loads of room for the focbox, i had to stuff it with foam to stop everything from rattling around…


Ummm, in my enclusure the focbox doesnt fit because of the height. My focbox is the one with the black case. Maybe you have the one with the blue case and is lower…