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Evolve Carbon (Gen2, non GT) FOCBOX Upgrade



Another question, how did you mount the focbox on to the heatsink, do you have one of these?


I actually have mine just stuffed into the enclosure with some foam. I had planned on mounting it to the stock heatsink with screws by drilling the matching hole pattern. However I have found that it barely gets warm (via bluetooth telemetry) and so haven’t bothered doing that yet.


Hi again, I have another question. How did you manage to put the focbox inside the enclousore? It does not close because it’s too high with the original case and without it i’m afraid It could get overheated since the mosfets would not be in contact with the heatsink.


Im not sure what you mean, the board’s enclosure has loads of room for the focbox, i had to stuff it with foam to stop everything from rattling around…


Ummm, in my enclusure the focbox doesnt fit because of the height. My focbox is the one with the black case. Maybe you have the one with the blue case and is lower…


In the end I managed to make it work. Thank you very much for your help. Next steps, make an upgrade of the engine and the battery. Step by Step!



  • Replaced battery with 30Q 10s5p from @Marsen. Had to 3D-print a 6mm spacer to fit the battery in.
  • Replaced original motor with SK8 6354-140KV, cut out a basic 6mm aluminium bracket.
  • Added idler pulley to see if that changes anything.

Next steps

  • Wait for my damn Unity controller.
  • Weld 2nd motor bracket onto trucks and mount second motor.



Nice build!

I too have a Evolve Carbon Gen II which I modified with 2x maytech motors with GT trucks and Unik mounts; 2x FOCboxes, 10s7p battery and the Photon remote.

Let me know if you want a detailed parts list! :wink:


Oh WOW! I would love to see photos. 7p! you are nuts. I don’t want to use the GT trucks because of the large decrease in width, I like the wheel base of the Gen2.

What kind of range do you get out of that thing? Pnumatics?


Will try to find some photos tonight!

I haven’t yet tested how much range I have now, basically because I haven’t been on the board long enough (either through being tired or by doing all my errands and ride routes) One day I’ll try to do a serious range test! ahah!

The decrease of width of the trucks, combined with using the Trampa urban threads on Superstar hubs, makes the board equally stable but more responsive and “pointy”. This means you can still carve and coast along as much as you want, but also be sharper and faster on bends.



I suppose you can get an estimate of range by streaming telemetry to your phone, then checking how many Wh/Km you are using. I think that probably overestimates my range though.


Completed the upgrade to add the second motor. Torque!


You fit a 10S7P battery in there? I modified one as well but it has a 10S6P


Very VERY tight squeeze. Was supposed to be a 10s6p, but my supplier COFCOF @darkkevind COFCOF thought I had asked for 7p. :smiley:

I only noticed when we were assembling the whole damn thing, but don’t regret it one single bit. I have yet to run the board for long enough to have a feel for the range of the beast.

Need to post up some photos…!


great job man.


Where did you put the BMS?


Nice! I didn’t realize you were talking about a 2nd Gen Carbon. (I know the title clearly says so). Randomly, I just bought a busted 2nd gen carbon on eBay today with plans to do something like this later. :call_me_hand:


The BMS is not that big, so it’s stuffed on top of the Focboxes. I used a 6mm gasket to add space for the batteries and electronics.


Yep, 6mm required to clean 18650s.kind of annoying as you lose the extremely thin original look.

I just went for my first decent ride after adding the second motor, I have too much torque. :slight_smile: