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eSkate Lights thread


Do you have a link for the light?


Isn’t it listed on the BLOCK Risers site I linked to?

Edit1: on mobile but I haven’t seen it there so I guess they discontinued it. I have seen similar light on the other website, will link you later.

Edit 2: @cwazy1, looks like the same lights, unbranded on Banggood.


I didn’t see it on their webshop


I have found some simple 3d models for hobbyking 1/5 and 1/8 scale front and rear/break lights. (also found on other places)

Still waiting on the prints but I will report back with pictures if it is a succes. Both together costed me 20 euro incl shipping for a nylon print.


My old

And new lights


Do you use the turn signal? :stuck_out_tongue:



Not enough space unfortunately, I’ll have to tweak the design a little.


Just made this, it is remote controlled (on/off), powered entirely off of VESC 5V line and shines light 15m ahead. Center of the light is focused 5m ahead of the board. Pictures taken in the darkest dark I could find. Under street lights you can still see the light on the ground… pretty powerful for night riding. I dont use any additional hand held lights with these.
I had brake lights too but when I had them there the other lights would dim a little when I was braking so I removed those…

I will update you with more pictures of the light tomorrow, if you are interrested. :slight_smile:


That’s nice …could share files ? I’d love to print those.


Just finished mine for Trampa Holypro 35

2x 5W warm white driven by a LDD-700H.
I attached a heatsink, but even with it it’s getting very hot…
I guess with airflow it’s gonna be a bit colder but not 100% convinced on the reliability.
Will see. :wink:


@Pimousse Wow with 5W you’ll need a large heatsink… otherwise they might burn out in 10 minutes. I would go for lower wattage - perhaps but 3W but more of them! Keep us updated !


Thanks for the warning.
I hooked the PWM pin of the driver to an Arduino so I’ll lower the current.
What do you suggest ?

Here’s the (small) heatsink (picture shows a prototype, now it’s attached with thermal paste) :


are you using a circuit to drive it, simple pwm circuit might help reduce the power consumption and the heating


Yes, I can drive 0-100% of the LEDs.
Assuming dual 3W is ok (as @MontPierre suggested), I should lower the current to 60%.
Not problem (2x 5W is like lighting a stadium :smile:) thanks for pointing this ! :slight_smile:


all light work independently will take another pic tonight when it’s dark


Beautiful !


Thanks was a pain to inlay blue el wire in the top with a craft knife lol


did you epoxy the wire in ? The graphic is really nice and the el wire border around is great. I don’t have the imagination to use a graphic like that. Great job.


It’s burnt into the deck wanted to try pyrography did it with a soldering iron. yer used super glue and bicarbonate of soda to inlay then epoxy over when finished