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eSkate Lights thread


That’s beautiful, how did you make the channel on the side? Also with a knife?


Used a small bit in a small multi tool e.g a dermal tried same with the top but made to big a chanel


Thanks, I might try it in the future. The art on the the top is also made by you with the pyrographer?


Yer I drew the design then burnt it in with a low watt soldering iron took a wile


what is the voltage on the el wire used ?


Using a 12v inverter but I run all led and el wire off a 3s lipo zippy compact u can use any voltage but 12v is best brightness wise


thats what i thought. Thanks my man. Great work.


Excellent job! That’s some damn fine EL wire detail. I think you’ve set new high water mark for artistic design and creative lighting. That would be awesome if you could add a battery level indicator in the form of a single red LED with a couple little red LED rings (like a bulls eye/target) to the girl’s eyeballs. When her evil eyes are glowing big and red, it’s fully charged, and they get smaller as voltage drops. Definitely post up some night/dark pics too. I sure do love me some EL wire. :thumbsup:


Few posts up, on vacation now, but will make some edits to give some more space for the trunks.


Cheers for the comments an el indicator would be cool it already has one tho

looks a bit bright in the pic but is visible.


cool looks great


Headlight in progress:

Turns out threadlocker causes polycarbonate to crack. Fixed this later.
And done:

I set up a microcontroller to read the throttle position and control the rear light based on that, to give myselft tail light/brake lights.
Same controller also used with ch3 on my gt2b for high beams/low beams.


Do you have any further information on that? Separate thread?

Please? :slight_smile:


@b264 Some of it’s in my build thread Here.


I use this stuff for or around plastic but it takes like 3 days to harden.


can you link directly to what you bought or something similar? looking to do the same thing on mine


Here’s my lights. Just 10mm LEDs through an smps regulator to the battery.


I just replaced the window and used the friction from the threadlocker that was already there and hardened. The o-ring provides plenty of preload and it’s not a structural connection.


Just got these puppies in, gonna cut the fins off, it’s all metal, quite happy(cig for size reference)


Here are some 12v head and tail lights I created to fit caliber trucks (they may fit others).The headlights are designed to hold two 20mm oval lenses over the LEDs to create a nice spread on the ground that keeps the light out of the eyes of passersby. Both mounts house custom PCBs that are linked on each page.