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eSkate Lights thread


purchase link?

So many fake Cree lights out there.


Just finished assembling my head and tail lights. The mounts are 3D printed and designed to mount underneath the trucks in place of 1/4" risers. They are powered by 12v and are controlled by a custom LED controller I made. I’ll cover all of the features of that controller and the app used to change settings when I post about my complete build later this week. The headlights use oval lenses that cast the light in a narrow horizontal beam so the majority is kept on the ground and not in peoples eyes. The taillights use red LEDs covered by a transparent red cover to create a solid bar of light.


Ya these could be fake for all I know. Also I know nothing about bicycle headlights. Nor do I care to learn anymore. These are bright as **** and come with a huge battery. If it breaks they are cheap and I’ll just get another. Here is/was the link. I didn’t make the purchase because they wouldn’t ship to Canada.


On mine I put a switch in line so I could turn it completely off. Installed it in the battery enclosure.

Here’s a link to where I purchased it from:


Exactly my thought too after I noticed the battery indicator stayed on.


It was quick and easy.


Bright AF is all that matters. Thanks for the link.



You down to ride sometime?


Haha you are correct, unfortunately I moved away from Ann Arbor after Graduating in May. Im closer to Detroit now but I do make trips back there to hang out with friends, so maybe I’ll see you riding around sometime.


Haha alright, guess it’s still just me and @RunPlayBack


My first esk8 accident today

These look promising
Pair 9-85V 800lm 8W Motor Bike Headlamp Bicycle Scooter ATV Spotlightt Black IP65


My LEDs looks like mutant hunters scanning lol


Hey man, where do you got those foot retainers with long claws that you can attach to the truck plates? I need to buy one for my e-longboard 'cause the cutout on mine is far out in front of the deck.


@lowGuido The one that flickers probably makes you easier to notice. Maybe it’s not bad LoLz


They are BombSquad Dervish Noseguards. Flipped as toestops


I’ve tested few “deck” light products but have noticed that it was not enough. Visibility was mildly improved but due to short light reach it was only enough for low speeds where you have more time to react to something. The lights however helped with others seeing me better which is also important. What I ended up with was ShredLights on the board and this on my head :slight_smile: It’s on the 360 degree rotaing GoPro base and I keep it pointed low to avoid blinding others.


Great man, thanks! :thumbsup: :grinning:


Is the battery build into the light?


Yeah, 3.7V 1050mAh LiPo, case is splashproof and charging via micro USB port.

It’s the light I got from BLOCK Risers.

Pic (there are more in the album)