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E-Toxx DirectDrive VS Trampa Vesc6 VS Leopard 8072-170kv VS Nowind


Mock up on 10’s looks sick I reckon !!! :thinking:


Thats excact the same tires i tried…
Which Hubs you use?
Does your tires smells like baddest plastic too?
My workshop smells all over… :grin:


The tyres I’ve got don’t have much of a smell, the hubs are off a old 800w brushed Chinese board. Shouldn’t be to hard to make them fit, just extended axels and a drive adapter… heavy tho


yeah they are really heavy TRUE


Post that video bro!


Hi, I have a Trampa with 136Kv motors, 6200 mah 40C 6S zippy (4 of them, two per motor, so 12S). What settings would you recommend for motor max current and battery max current. Also, where did you get your two bags that you have your batteries in. And finally, where did you get the case for your VESC6’s? I wished I saw the direct drive before buying the trampa belt drive!


I think its thick heat shrink rubber and heavy duty velcro around the batteries but i aint sure, the vesc6 case is available here.


Hey Nowind,

Can you give us an update on the complete parts list?

I’m looking to do the exact similar setup minus the damper and wider trucks.

Thank you, your setup is my dream!



Complete Parts list?

APS 80100-130kv (will not work with “not” extendet Trucks)
12S8P VTC6 Battery
GT2B Remote
E-Toxx Gear Drive
Trampa HolyPro Deck

Anything missing?



Hey @Nowind,
Could you tell me what trucks are you using ??


Custom ones.
Not available actually.


@Nowind what do you mean extended trucks
Could you tell me their diameters?


And what kind of range do you get with those batteries?


I believe it can make a distance of 35 km