Drang Boards deck building services, design, cnc etc


This vs a deck where everything fits inside the deck
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Had to abandon my post lol


Lids on the top let in water. Enclosures on the bottom are weak. I would like to see a clamshell design, with two pieces of carbon fiber and or wood held together by the trucks and built around the battery. Haven’t seen that yet.


Tell me you love me


Another late night day dreaming of esk8?


My boosted board is merely my fluffer. I need range and I need power.


Need to get you a true diy esk8.
Pre builts are fun and all but not the same.


At least a Frankenstein board of sorts with a deck. I am totally decided on my personal deck. It is the 26.5” DK standard skate mold.


A board for the ages.


I’m going live right now on a design concept for someone special in this thread. It is a board I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time, although this one will be stretched in both the length and the width for the purpose of eskate.



Thats a bloody evo. You integrate one of those and I will give you my first born. I don’t much like him but hes strong and would make a good slave. You can’t have the little one hes too cool.


Dude… yaas


Sweet split setup!


Loving watching this. Board looks freaking great


Thanks for sharing this, enjoyed watching during my morning coffee :grinning: :coffee: You can run those mounts with big wheels, just need another belt cover.


You have a voice like chocolate. I keep falling asleep and thats not because its not interesting its because its like chris rea is singing to me softly. What? Wait? Who? wasn’t me.


LOL didn’t see that coming haha. SO I rode a one wheel today. I want one of those too now. I want a board for every day of the week.

Also check out this two wheel concept.


Thats batmans esk8. Make it run up walls with the front on a twist then we’ll talk.


That’s hillarious. The dude who drew this (my roommate) calls it the Batmoboard.


Not entirely sure how the steering would go but shit yeah. Well worth a shot.