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the mosfet on the esc are different quality, thus different current pull and heat dissipation capability, thus speed limitation different, and torque acceleration, braking different as well due to the part difference, B level has lower speed version firmware due to the esc pcb hardware limit, B level is cheaper. and B level is only for China domestic dealer market.
the firmware are different in program, the whole parameter are different.


As I said I have already done all of these steps on your checklist and it seems to be the motors or bms. I guess it could be the esc, but all connections are solid.


please email me with the video I before told you how to make it and send to us by email with video upoad address so we can diagnose, if it is esc problem we will send you a new esc for replacement, vibrations and improper wiring and esc mounting will make the esc easy to occur problems, it can be fixed by simple remounting it and reconnection.


I’ve meant the button ,but now it reworks.
I must say that your kit is veery good.


Yes the esc I bought did not come from diyeboard, although he still helped fo try and find the issue


what is the part number of the mosfet you are using? Would be interesting to compare it to my decommissioned 2.1 esc.


sorry i can’t reveal the bom to you, neither the part number, it is forbidden in our company rule,


Tight security. Anyone else willing to share a close-up picture of the mosfet in question?


I am , will post one later


There’s 2 days left we still can accept new orders and ship it out before CNY (China Spring New Year Holiday) holiday.We will reject all new orders ordered from Feb 5th to Feb 25th. China Spring New Year holiday last for more than 20days and during the holiday the shipping company and our factory are all closed. If you want your order be proceeded and shipped before holiday, please order as earlier as possible. During the CNY Holiday, we still check emails and providing sales support.


I believe I have the old esc with the 10s5p dual belt drive system. Anything you need I got u tho.


What would you like in the video? Simply turning the board upside down does not show the problem with the accelerator staying on or “sticking”. I love your product from day one, but after two months it does not work the same I just want to get this issue fixed because I am afraid to ride my board. When going 25 mph one esc/bms/motor mount issue could end all of the fun.


good call. stay off the board!


like the bike, the board need to be take care of by periodical maintenance, in winter low temp will affect battery capacity and voltage as well as lower the current pull, so the board performance will be not same as before.
I guess you said stick it is the accelerate won’t speeding up anymore, it is either esc heat protection or the battery bms protection, when you climbing big hills or longtime high speed accerlerate, especially in winter, the battery and esc will limit the current continous discharge at high rate, it will auto detect the current and lower down or no more pull high current to protect the esc and battery.
anyway, we know it is a eboard, not a solid iron that won’t have any issue, sometimes we need to check board condition and use it properlly that the board can handle.
if you got problem, email me for video or something that we can diagnose.


speed limit is of course fine when a temperature threshold has been reached, but pusher is describing that the board no longer reacts to control inputs when the error occurs.

In other words, he is not able to slow down nor speed up. Asking him for a video would be potentially life threatening.

p.s. resistance of conductors decreases when the temperature drops, so the current in components could be higher in winter causing malfunctions.


you never bought anything from us and how do you know how our board works, and you don’t know details, the video i asked him is not for during the riding, but putting board lie upside down and operate it, we know well our board and we know how to diagnose.
we know you want to be helpful but your words always negative and bashing us in different ways for no reason as you never tried our kits and board and any components, conclusion from you is not a fair one.


by the way, customer service only for those who bought from us, if you still have issues with our policy, then don’t bashing again and again. we do respect your proffession, but please in a fair honest way.


in addition, i am talking about the battery performance in winter, not only esc, battery supply power man. it is a common sense.


Hi Jason!
I know you are going to close for the sping festival/new year. I ma going to build a board and I was looking to your components. I just would like to ask yuo few questions:
1- When will you start to sell the 10s3p Sansung 30Q flat pack with 60A BMS built in? I read in the discussion that you mentioned dew times before Christmas.
2- Is the new ESC 50A or the double VESC available (if possible with the new Boosted looks like remote)? I need it for dual hub motor sistem.
3- Is your hub motor update to the more resistant PU (hub motor (like Meepo, since they are buying from you).
4- are you planning to sell them in a upgraded kit?

Thank you very much! Keep up the good work.


I am talking about temperatures between 70f and 80f. The board keeps accelerating when I stop pushing on throttle on the remote. I have tried your entire checklist for board maintenance that you have sent me on here and through email. You keep sending me the same advice over and over.