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It has a learning curve but once you had some experience you will get used to it.
It is however stronger in low speed so be careful when below 15km/h. Always wear a helmet, these kits definitely has some power.

I’m building a new board at the moment with some diyeboard parts , for the price it’s hard to beat.


nice board, looks cool and compact.


I’m missing the nut to the power switch.
What size is it??


inner 11.8mm, outer 13.8mm. i will take photos for your reference.




Hey Jason, I am using the same esc that you sell for dual outrunner motors and I’m having a few issues with it. On my most recent ride I was only able to reach about 30km/h where as on all of my other rides I would be able to go 40+. I also noticed that when I accelerate it starts to pick up speed and then the throttle stops and I constantly go about 29km/h. Is there a reason this could be happening? I’m running 6s lipo and 208kV motors for reference


40km/h + with 6s? How is that even possible?


Yes. Don’t slam on the brakes. You’ll figure it out.

People, these are skateboards, don’t go faster than you can handle without brakes. Learn how to footbrake. Learn how to slide.


if you are using 6s, the esc won’t work, we never sold any 6s esc to any customers, and our esc works best with our own motors because the firmware is carefully designed per motor specs of kv, power and voltage.
please email me with your order number, i am curious how can you run our esc with your 6s battery.
and 208kv will definately lower the speed, our motor is 270kv, how many motors you used, and what;s the specs.


Best Recommended Setup
6S 24V / 7S 29.4V / 10S 36V 18650 Lithium battery pack

Is the information on your website incorrect? Customer may have soldered the ESC to work with 6s.


it is correct, it works with 6s, 7s and 10s.
maybe he solder change the voltage and make it works with his 6s battery.
i need to confirm with his order and confirm what motor single or dual he is using.


please email me and let me know your order number in the email.


Did you buy from us? Order number?


I went for a ride today, the on off button doesnt work all thoe it does the light


I am having some of these same problems. My board is having the accelerator stay on, not allowing me to control my speed. I have emailed Jason and he does not understand what I mean by “accelerator is sticking” so I am doing my best to communicate this. Also, the top speed on the fastest mode is now the same as the top speed was on the slowest mode when I recieved the board. I am guessing this is a function of the motor quality, along with the battery quality. I notice I gets worse when my battery dips below 50%. I hope this will change when they implement larger motors along with the Samsung 30q packs. Jason has been very helpful and shipping was fast but now that I have done everything he suggested to fix the issues I am not sure where to go from here. @diyeboard should I send my board back or can you send the components I need to fix it? Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.


Easy. 6s, 208kV, 97mm wheels, 2:1 ratio ~ 42km/h


it is auto power off for your kit, we have upgraded the esc, auto turn on by pushing wheels, or auto turn off after 1-2minute.


can you clearify here that you didn’t buy from us, people will think you bought from us and have speed issue with our esc. our esc firmware are different, as we said many times there’s A and B level on market, we sell A level higher quality only to oversea market, and we have many dealers in China they only need lower quality b level for cost control concern.


@diyeboard Could you please kindly point out the difference between the A grade ESC anf the B grade ESC? I have a few that I’d like to identify.


if it is board problem we wil ldefinately send you replacement part for fixing the issue, please email us for the problem, it is not motor problem, as I told you check the esc connections to make sure all wires are well connected and covered well by sleeves, and try to improve the esc heat dissapation by putting thermal paste under the heat sink.
If your ESC stop working or only one motor working, please open the enclosure up and checked the connections, reinsert the motor phase connections to ESC, 3 for each motor, and fully cover the connections with the sleeve. If your ESC get water coming in and stop working, power off the switch, try to use the hair drier to dry it up and reconnect it with the motor and switch it on again. If remote no longer control the esc, you need to charge the remote and go through the pairing process for remotes. Sometimes the ESC and remote can get reset and lose the pairing.