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@diyeboard you say there are two days left before the Chinese New year. I am in San Diego, CA as you know. There are no winter time temperatures so to speak. You keep emailing, messaging, and posting the same advice on the forum. I uploaded a video for you to the website you asked me to on and am still not able to get the board operational. I showed how one motor is accelerating faster than the other. I have checked ESC , and motor wiring. I have had nothing but great things to say about your product until this problem occurred. I would just like to get it fixed especially if you are going to be on holiday for over a month. You have my address, so if it is in fact one of the motors (since I have checked wires to esc and the esc itself) I would like to get one sent before the new year if possible since my board is still under warranty. I use my board for transportation to work as well, so can’t go a month without it. I don’t have a car right now and it was such a great convenience to have when it did work properly. I love your product and your support, but I question the quality when this happens after such a short period of time. I also do not understand how I could make a video demonstrating more than I already did in the first video.


Yeah this is some serious stuff, very dangerous.
I know i would be terrified if the board kept going after i let go off the throttle.
Jason you should sort this out for Pusher, must be a faulty esc or remote.

ESC or remote is what controls the throttle input and the energy draw. It cant be a battery bms problem in my opinon…
Another thing it can be that the connection between the esc and controll is bad, (antenna)

I finished my board last night with diyeboard ESC and truckkit.
Cant wait to take it for a testride!


Negative? Don’t know what you are talking about, just supplying additional information.

An ESC (any ESC, yours included) is under more strain in winter, not less, because conductive components have decreased resistance. It’s science. It also applies to your hardware.

The battery is indeed less efficient, but the strain on ESCs and other electronics is higher. I’ve had multi-rotor equipment fail and produce errors due to the above, despite decreased amps being pushed into the system.

As for Pusher. It seemed like he had difficulties relaying the issue/it was being misinterpreted. Just helping out.

p.s. In no need of your service. As mentioned before, will produce my own parts.


Omg, your board looks so cool.
Which deck are you using?



The problem is that the board keeps accelerating, even when I take my finger off the remote…not that it won’t accelerate anymore. This is in 70 degree temperatures, and immediately upon startup. I love your board and it worked flawlessly until this problem started happening. I like your product and will be inclined to keep purchasing your products as long as this issue can be resolved. Also, I notice in the slowest speed mode the speed is about half of what it was upon first riding the board. Especially when the battery gets below 75%. I know this is not normal, could it be due to voltage sag from the Samsung 22p batteries? This is why I wanted to wait for the 30q cells or even the new 20700 or 21700 cells from sanyo or Samsung. Anyway I have to get to bed but wanted to make sure to get in touch with you because it seems you only respond around midnight my time. I have also tried to keep correspondence with you through email because I like your product, and had no problem with it until this issue started. It seems you are more responsive on here, however because you keep sending me the same checklist to check esc and with connections which I have done multiple times.


How does failsafe work on these escs? Mine (not bought from diyeboard) broke after 700 meter, never had the chance to test. That could perhaps explain part of the issue. How many seconds does it take for the motor to stop rotating after turning off the remote? We happens if you quickly turn it on/off when holding throttle at a constant level?


Speed will drop as the battery depletes thats normal.
The 10s2p with samsung 22p is only rated for 20A discharge so they sag quite heavliy when they drop in voltage.


My board doesnt want to turn on , i dont know why because it worked for a second and directly turned off


Hey @diyeboard would you please kindly share the step files and technical diamensions with us so we could design drive systems around it and use it? the fairly high price should justify that after all those wheels cost at least 6 times more than any longboard wheels out there after a discount…


I see, thanks for explain the temp, then it is not the temp problem, we are trying to help you diagnose and fix the problem, sometimes we need to know some details, and our poor language makes the communication not smooth.
so the problem we understand now, you make it clear now, previously you said stick we really don’t understand.
then there’s signal bind issue, either remote problem or the esc receiver problem. that’s why we asked you to resync the remote, by the way, never take two remotes when riding, it will mix the signal and interfere.
make sure remote has power.
our technician always need the video for diagnose then give solution for replacement.
that’s why we asked you for video of the problem by making the board lying upside down and in operatio nto see if it occurs same problem, it doesn;t matter during ride problem happen, it happens if esc and remote has problem when it lying upside down and board in operation and remote stick.
hope you understand, if we can diagnose the problem we can fix it soon with right solution and replacement parts. you need understand this and cooperate us providing the video. thanks.


the video you sent us is the remote binding you failed because you didn’t sync it in proper way and finally you make it binded after that which you told me by email. we need video for technician check the problem not during riding. you know i never asked you video for during riding. and you know you have two remotes, remote can;t be mixed during one in operation, and you know sometimes in some certain area there’s strong electron interfere of signal when two many or too stong electronics woking there, like phone number sometimes lose signal or get interfered in certain area.
you need to cooperate us providing details not only post here and said withdraw posts untill we send you replacement.
we cover wanrranty for every customers, we want them happy but we only handle it in correct way and need proof for the problem. hope you understand this.


We definately will solve the problem for him as we always do to any customers, just need to clearify the problem and get some proof for technician diagnose it. most of time customer don’t undertand our board well and after a while he understand how and why, it just need some patience during the communication.
we will help him fix the problem,
and your second built is awesome, kind of perfection. cheers!


you know there is time difference, your sleeping time is our daytime, and that’s why we try our best reply you in very fast time in your time as possible we can. just to make sure can let your time be more efficient, like now is our deepnight time but your early morning.
it seems it is remote problem, does it occur occassionally or always, make sure remote has the battery charged. and make sure don;t take two remotes with you during the riding.
i have to repsonsive here for your questions since you don;t like to email us, we face problems and solve it, but we do it in proper way, hope you understand.
you can check your posts from the bought time till now, we spent 10times time and patience on your order than to anyone else.
we just want you happy and reply all your concerns and quesitons as possible.
sitll hope you email us.
by the way, we won’t response further here for any problem during the holidays, we check email only since we are on holidays and unavailable here always, we check email by phone. not convenient post here.


can you kindly email us with your order number and details and better with video for our diagnose.
please upload video to this website as we are unable to open youtube due to vpn block by the China gov.
from your discription could be water come into the esc, stop use it and dry the esc by hairdrier and make sure power off.


actually if you check the thread from top posts you will find we had the specs and measurements posted already. if we post again here it will spam the thread.
and check our website for photos of measurement and product discription you will find the details.
if you got something not clear, email us we will reply you.


attention everyone, we do have time difference because we are China located company, and we already did our best to repond all of your emails, online chat and forum here.
we prefer email with order number for fixing the case as we don;t know your order and order detail well here since we got many orders and customers.
email will keep the record of each order so we are track in the future for better support.
during the CNY holiday from feb 4th to Feb 25th, we will have limited time and sources to be available here on forum replying the questions, we are humans too, we have holidays and families.
we will keep checking emails everyday and all emails will be replied within 24hours.
if any question not replied further here on forum during the CNY holidays, please understand and try to email us.
deep night here and go to bed now, have nice time you all…

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Cound’t find 3D files anywhere.

Could you maybe send up a link?


Mike, are you looking for the airless AT 6" tire hub files or the pulley, or truck/motor mount…


The issue always happens. No matter the temperature which ranges from 40f to 80 f. The board keeps accelerating when I let go of the remote throttle. I have not tested the issue at high speeds because if it keeps accelerating on a rough road past 20mph and I do not have control I could easily hit a car or something. I can easily turn board upside down for you and show you what happens when I press accelerator, but I don’t know of any way to prove it to you. The accelerator will stick for 3-5 seconds maximum. So, I can’t really show this in a video. I assure you that I keep both the board and the remote charged. I checked connections from esc to motors and motor to esc. I only ride with one remote at a time. No matter how I pair either remote, the power button on the board is solid. However, once I press the throttle for the first time the light starts blinking. Before you reply keep in mind I have done everything you have asked me to. Not only did I show the remote issues in the video but I also showed the belt drive wheels accelerating at different speeds. Please send me a checklist to include if you would like me to record a new video to show you that the issues are still occurring. Thank you for your time Jason, you are always quick to respond late at night and I know the time zone and language barrier are a major obstacle in our communication. All American skateboarders and skateboards in general break, repair, and upgrade stuff themselves. There are certain standard parts that are considered the best, and most versatile/reliable. If you could make your parts compatible you would sell so much more product. I would be willing to become an affiliate or help you as long as you can make your esc, motors,bms, and batteries work correctly. As far as batteries go for the 30q, 25r, Sony VTC5a or 6a sanyo 20700a or Samsung 21700 30T. You will sell so much product you would not believe it. Thank you.