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My board light flickers immediately right when I turn it on, and when I hold down the button for 5-7 seconds it just turns off. Initially when I asked you said this was normal. Is the power light in the board supposed to be solid normally once paired? Here is a video of the issue. I am sure I might just be doing something wrong but please let me know if it is normal for light to blink when synced with original remote and riding like I show.


once the board paired with remote, the light will blink every second. you need be patient to pair the remote,
if you have problem and need support, please email me for help.
Remote Pairing Instruction

Turn off both the board and the remote.
Turn on the board.
Press and hold the power button for 5 to 7 sec until the power button light starts blinking.
Turn on the remote.
Using a thin stick, quickly press once the recessed binding button on the remote.
If you see the battery gauge light up with the green light on the remote, they’re connected.


please upload the video to below website, we are unable to open the youtube due to vpn blocked by China gov.


I tried this
Does not work. Here is video


can you please email me not always here, i am not always checking message here and i need record for every order by email communications. thanks.
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i checked the video, you clearly need to pair the remote correctly, read the instruction and be patient when you press on the button untill it blink then bind the remote for sync. press the power button for more seconds like 7-8 seconds. be patient and don’t press too hard.


why are you getting on a guys case for something he doesnot sell


@diyeboard Don’t worry about these guys. You don’t owe them anything. They’re acting a little too entitled (especially considering they haven’t purchased anything from you).

You’re always extremely helpful, trying to answer as many questions as possible, in as much detail as possible. And even when you can’t, you do your best to find a future solution.


thanks for your understanding and kind support.


Diyeboard has the best service i ever experienced in the esk8 industry.
If you need parts that is not available on the website it can be arranged in most cases, just send a email to Jason and he will do his best to fix it.
I Could buy the heatsink that is on the 3p case without buying the complete case, thats service IMO.
Whenever i needed parts or help from diyeboard they Always responded within 1-2 Days to help me out.

Qualty wise its not as good as other kits that cost double the price but is it reasonable to expect this?
Its like buying a 100$ phone and expect it to have Iphone X quality and performance.

The kits have some small issues for sure , but for the price it should be expected IMO.
Please show me a kit for 400-500$ that can reach 42km/h and with good torque?

They want to improve and try their best to.
Is there any other company that responds this quickly to forum members questions?

Keep up the good work.


I ordered a remote and diyeboard warn me that it would not work with my esc (no vesc) because their remote and controllers are a kit and work fine with vesc.

He refund me the total amount …


I was just out riding as in like 30 min ago, wanted to brake but no way it wanted to i could still accelerate i tried to ride it for a while to see if it helped still no brakes.

Restarted it, and just put it in the charger still no brakes on your stock battery with stock esc.

What would be wrong? The battery was a little warm.


check the cable connections and charge the remote, check it again, if still have problems email me for diagnose with video. we never had such problem for years.


Remote is fully charged, and all cables looks fine.

I will email you.


ok, don’t worry, most of time is the esc connection problem due to the shock and wires connector touched.
you have our warranty covered.

Here is some Diyeboard kit tips& tricks
Make SURE your motor connections are solidly connected to the ESC, and wrap them with electrical tape.
Use some sort of shock absorbing system for the ESCs in the back. Use rubber or foam or anything to make sure it’s held in place or else it’ll rattle inside the enclosure. The vibration will make rattle noise if the esc is not secured/mounted.
Periodically check the wiring and keep the battery maintenance with good condition in cold weather.
If your ESC stop working or only one motor working, please open the enclosure up and checked the connections, reinsert the motor phase connections to ESC, 3 for each motor, and fully cover the connections with the sleeve.
If your ESC get water coming in and stop working, power off the switch, try to use the hair drier to dry it up and reconnect it with the motor and switch it on again.
If remote no longer control the esc, you need to charge the remote and go through the pairing process for remotes. Sometimes the ESC and remote can get reset and lose the pairing.


I honestly don’t think its an ESC problem, the kit is brand new.

The battery gets really warm, I just took it apart to test with another battery and from the looks of it its the BMS on the battery that only allows drain and not charge.

It doesn’t want to charge when I put it on the charger either.


Picking up a multimeter after ive been out again to see what the problem might be to ensure its correct.


email me video for diagnose please. thanks,


I did, I cant test it inside it only happens when there’s someone on it so i will send a video later on.


remember don;t open the battery for any change of bms, there’s battery lable outside, if you tear the lable or change the battery the warranty will be void.
and use our charger only, don’t use fast charger or other charger, it may cause sparks and damage the battery.