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I won’t, I can test the battery with the external connectors.

And I used everything from you other than the wheels and bushings right now.

But in an hour or so i will do it, a little bussy right now.


Any amount of water has the potential to damage the board, especially to esc and battery, and water damage is not covered under warranty. Any customization or alterations to the board, kit, mechanical parts, or electronics will void your warranty and likely cause the board or kit to be completely inoperable, so alter at your own risk.


Well i have no warranty then, I changed the wheels and the bushings.


it depends on certain circumstances, don’t worry. proper use of our kit will be fine. Typical use, normal wear and tear, crash, water damage, modifications, improper use and/or installation are not covered.
anyway, we are always here for support, we still offer necessary replacement parts if problem occurs.


i do hope you email us for support or questions, email will have record for your order and won’t reveal your personal informations. we don;t know who you are and your real name and order number through here, email will help us confirm your orders and informations well. hope you udnerstand.
plus we check email more often, we officially take care of emails in priority, can;t ensure reply every message here.


I already send an email, I just have to clean up now since I’m getting visitors so the video will be once I’m done and I’ve done everything you told me to ensure the fault is the correct part and not another one.


ok, we will direct your video for technician for dignose and keep you informed of their opinions. don’t worry, you got our support here. please email us for quicker response. for time difference, we are off duty now, have a nice day!


@Lumaci what bushings you use?


Blood Orange Bushings Red.

Came with my old trucks.


Notice: We will close from 4th Feb to 25th Feb for CNY(China Spring New Year Holiday) holiday. We will reject all new orders ordered from Feb 4th to Feb 25th. China Spring New Year holiday last for more than 20days and during the holiday the shipping company and our factory are all closed. If you want your order be proceeded and shipped before holiday, please order as earlier as possible.


During the CNY(China Spring New Year Holiday) Holiday, we still check emails and providing sales support.


Just let you guys know order placed before Feb. 4th still can be proceeded well and shipped out in time.


Those enclosures are on ebay. Really bad!


We got several customer inquiry for the order shipment issue due to the coming holiday affect, hereby we once again clearify it. There’s only four days left before CNY(China Spring New Year Holiday) holiday comes, any new order placed before Feb. 4th will be proceeded well and shipped out well, so don’t worry about the shipment.


to confirm you start shipping again 26th Feb?


Yes, we will begin shipping from Feb 26th. And during the holiday, sales support, inquiries and after-sales still available.


My dual Belt motor kit kit just arrived. I’ve noticed that the brakes are very hard. Do you guys know a “hack“ to make the brakes a bit smoother.


BTW the kit is so powerful. All thoe its not my first board I’m still ridin in beginner mode.


when you ride more time and gradually you will like the brakes in high speed as it is necessary.
in low speed and middle speed brake you can accustom to it as it is linear smooth and gradual increase torque along with the speed and joystick pull distance.
only in high speed due to the speed and dual engines, the torque is very high due to the inertial.


in high speed mode you can try to pull the brake joystick slowly and gradually not in full brake, it will help.