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Dual 6354 180kv motor build. Motors, ESC, mounts, and rear truck from DIYeboard. 97mm ABEC 11 wheels and gullwing double kingpin front truck. On 35" kicktail cruiser. 15/36t gears. Max speed between 25 and 30 mph.


So you’re saying if you just swap those 5055 for 6355 you would have the same top speed but more torque?’


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Well yes that is also true but not what I was meaning. If you have a 270kV motor on 10s with this esc and a 160kv motor on 10s, with both the same gearing and everything (same sized motors, same wheels) they will both reach the same speed, but the 160kV motor setup with have more torque because it has a lower kV.

Here’s the math:

270kV x 42v = 11,340rpm

160kV x 42v = 6720rpm

If there was no rpm limit the 270kv motor would almost double the speed of the 160kV one but since there is a rpm both motors only reach around 6400rpm so they will both reach the same speed. So if you want the most torque and Speed use 160kV, if you don’t mind just go with the 270kV


esc and vesc calculation is quite different. kv, torque , speed all depend on esc configuration. the algrithm are not same with vesc.


Yes some algorithms are different but the basic calculation for rpm of the motor are the same


yes, you are right. just our esc kv vs torque affect not too obvious on our esc and belt kit.


WARNING: Do not over tighten the axle nut or you could damage the bearing shields. Tighten just to the point where the wheel can no longer laterally move along the axle.


I am trying to do FAQ & Troubleshooting & Tips on our site for customers to check out, if anyone could help to provide advices of proper use of our kits will help the community and avoid any improper damage.
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The math doesn’t really work out unless you have a completely unloaded motor. My guess is those RPM won’t get anywhere close to that when you have it loaded. You’d need to see what the loaded RPM of the 270kv and 160kv would to see if either of them got close to the rpm limit.


I’ll help, I have some tips and guides I gladly share with the community.
I can provide a guide on how to change motor pulley. :slight_smile:

Oh and regarding the overtightening of the wheel nut, to be safe just turn the nut over so the nylon part is screwed on first, just too be sure it won’t unscrew it self. I tighten it all the way then back of 1/5 turn.
If the wheel spacer clicks when knocking on the wheel tighten the axle a bit more until it stops.
I also use some lithium grease on the axle to make sure everything is running smoothly.


thanks, it is so nice of you always share with people knowledges and experiences. we much appreciate your great help.


No worries, glad I can help.
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I’ve ordered too the kit


My board works really good with my set up very impressed with the kits you guys sell! I have a few people wanting to buy some kits after they rode my board! plenty power going up hills and very fast!
Thanks Jason!:grinning:


It has been found that the average efficiency is around 80%.

11,340 x .80 = 9072 rpm

That is still over the limit therefore that is wasted power.

I don’t need to argue this over and over it has been proven and if you want your board to run at its max potential you can listen and take te advice if not, you don’t have to


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Did you have some torque vs rpm curves for the motors to calculate efficiency? It seems like you aren’t taking any real world data (weight, type of tires, type of surface) know what the rpm of a motor is going to be.

More on motor kv:
More on efficiency charts: