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Their is also a reason that motor mounts that are adjustable with idler pulleys are way more expensive. DIYEboard is produced for the masses. That means if you want it customized you have to do it yourself or pay the big bucks for a builder to do it for you.

I love DIYEboard stuff for what it is. Great intro boards and a super affordable price. If you want stuff that is adjustable and can be easliy modded to have idler pulleys I would check out TorqueBoards 218mm trucks.



Jason, what batteries/cells are used in the 5p?

Case prototype made for 5p

Big thanks to @AgileCow for printing it! :smiley:


No worries mate :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see what Jason has in store for us! :smiley:


we have LG, SAMSUNG and regular cells for different battery packs. LG recent month lack of stock and we have samsung in stock.


Can you be more specific? 22p cells? Mf1 cells?
Will 30q be available in 5p config?

How are the cells stacked? Im still amazed that you can fit 50 cells in that pack with those messurements :slight_smile:


That would be insane, 30q in his 5p, and if the price is good wuhu im in :smiley:


LG MF1. SAMSUNG 22P, and other cells not know the specific cells.


This is the exact same board I ordered. Now available on amazon with the airless and regular tires for much cheaper. Why are all these companies able to offer these prices if you are the manufacturer. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078GMCZPN/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?


The board you linked has the small 10s2p battery. It looks like it is running 6s though so 6s4p. And it has smaller motors than the one you ordered.


That is what I was thinking but it odesnt specify the battery size. Either way Jason threw in some of those for a similar price and a spare remote. I would just like to know who is making this stuff to see if I can get some spare tires and an adjustable motor mount. I also want to order a couple of the new swappable cassete batteries for a build. Maybe Jason can answer, is the swappable battery only for hub motor or can I use for single or dual belt drive?


we have dealers all over the world, they are on promotion sales now, we have sales period on special holiday season too.


trust me this board need more battery power, 6s4p and 10s2p won’t make it last long range, 10s5p is the best set up.
battery is expensive.


I am happy with my board and I did buy it during the holiday promotion. My main objective right now is switching to adjustable motor mounts and possibly buying a swappable cassette battery to use on a Drop-thru style deck I have for a lightweight build. Do the swappable batteries work for the belt drive kit you sell or only for the hub motors? Also, do you offer steel or aluminum hubs for the airless tires?


swappable battery can power up both hub and belt, but it is 7s2p, so can’t supply too much power for long range.
7s2p is best for hubs. belt consume more power.
and we don’t sell the hubs seperately, but if you need it I will try to sell you one set, message me privately.


Not sure what your gear ratio is, but that might have a bigger impact on your torque than the motors you are using. For MTB, you typically see a 1.4-1.6 ratio.

And would go for graphene as others have mentioned. Using 4x zippy 8000mah 30c myself.


February 10 - 25 is Chinese New Year and Spring Festival Holiday.
Keep that in mind if you’re currently planning to purchase an electric skateboard or diy kit from us, order as earlier as possible so the package can be delivered to your hand before holiday comes, it last for a half of month and affect order leadtime and delivery.


Im like 72% sure DIYEboard is the middleman, not the manufacturer


well, say what you want to say. we can’t let all customers satisfied. Jason from enertion visited us ays ago, asking him.


Seventy two percent?

And, what difference does it make? I’m 100% sure electric-skateboard.builders didn’t put a wireless router in my house.