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Where I live there are not many hills, and the goal is to have more torque on the wheels to be able to go on the grass and dirt roads, however, on flat or light slope, the maximum would also be hard sand.

I should choose between these two batteries (2 in series using only 10 cell):


What could be your advice.


multistar are not the favourites here because the c rating is overrated. so graphene is better. the minimum c rating should be 20C if your battery is 5000mah but if it’s 10ah and 10S, 15C should be sufficient. it’s always better to have more amps available even if you don’t use them because of voltage sag.


Thanks for advice…


How much will the new esc with bluetooth app aproximatly cost?


will be around 88usd for dual motors.


Oh, that’s a pretty good price.:ok_hand:


Bulk production can make quality product and lower the cost, we control the quality in every process during the production.
and buying diy kits and parts from factory is best choice, save money and quality last.


6’’ airless wheels set with hubs on sale now free shipping at 138usd per set.


Yeah, I think you make really good products, and I hope the best for you in the future.:+1:


If I buy the dual drive kit can I just buy the longer belt so that I cam fit these wheels on ?


thanks, you need to buy the 9’’ at trucks for mounting these at wheels, 7’’ truck won’t fit well due to the axle length not enough long. it requires 37-38mm axle length.


Do you mind sending me a link to where you got those bearings from?


Looks as though 9" trucks without the mounts on them could house or fit your new adjustable mounts. I have already had some teeth skipped with the stock 10s5p AT board and would like to switch to the adjustable mounts without buying all new trucks etc. like some have done on this forum, @Jreamer for example switched to @torqueboards trucks and mounts. Not sure if he had to change out the pulleys and lipped bearings as well. Could you sell the 9" trucks with the dual adjustable mounts? I love your wheels but don’t want to have an accident because of a loose belt one day and fly off my board going full speed. Please let me know if you have any ideas. As of now I love my board and your products are very high quality. I just think an adjustable mount and Samsung 30q or other batteries would be a great upgrade that people would be willing to pay more for.


Those are the same question i ask Jason, if he coud put other mounts in the 9" kit


Most people are just using zip ties.


Its not about wheel slippage, it is about having and adjustable motor mount. The people using zip ties are using @psychotiller rims with the airless tires.


we are not supposed to sell the kit this way since we are focus on bulk production with all trucks already glued and screwed. we have to disassemble the truck and try to grind the truck again to fit the adjustable mount.
we selling boards for years and never had such you said possible problem.
anyway i will try to figure this out if I can make it available. not for sure about this.


Thank you for looking into this, I didn’t know they were glued as well. Maybe I could buy one truck with the adjustable mounts installed instead of the stock mount? I would not ask but belt slippage is a huge safety issue which is why many on this forum use adjustable motor mounts with idler pulleys. Once again thank you for answering my questions so promptly and in a detailed manner.


it need special grinding handlement for this truck to fit the adjustable mount, as I said we are focus on bulk prodcution parts and kits, doing this way will make labour cost and affect our warehouse management plus the office procedure.
if we are small store then I can do this simply, but we are factory, we don’t do special diy thing which are not stocked and bulk produced.
whatever, you said right, I will suggest out product team to make some change and improve, since we are doing diyeboard business now we should satisfy market real need and focus on customers requirement.
i will keep updating this on this thread.