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if anyone want to buy some kits or parts but can’t find it on our site please message me or email me knowm maybe I can be of help.
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It doesnt make a difference i was just pointing it out


Hi guys,

Quick question here : do you think there is enough clearance with the 10Sp5 Belt drive mounted on a drop-through deck ?


No way. You cant even mount it on a top mount without risers :slight_smile:


Fml ^^

Ok thanks !


Has anyone tryed to upgrade to 90mm or 97mm Flywheels on the Belt drive kit? Just wondering if it required any modifications?


Top mount the battery!


So if someone orders an order from you that is at moq they only get class b products?


You can fit 97s without motor guard with motor guard you need to grind it like 1-2mm


what about 110mm Rough Stuff! wheels? The 110mm RS wheels come with smaller belt guards


Nah the 97s with the stock mount almost touch the motor pulley as is


How about 90-93mm wheels?


Anything less than 97 fits fine. only 97 do you either remove the motor pulley/ belt guard whatever you wanna call it or grind it down a bit to make room


Interesting, did you test this? When I was ordering My 6” airless tire motor kit Jason said it would not work with 90mm wheels.


Ground clearance: 2 inches ≈ 5 cm the clearance from center of deck is around 4.4 inches. The enclosure box thinkness is 2.4 inches. So battery enclosure to ground is around 2 inches of clearance. The battery and ground Clearance without risers or shock pads is ~1.3 inches. 1.5 inches ≈ 3.3 cm
You can use the riser pads to increase the clearance and to absorb riding shocks.


We sell on our site only Class A level with best quality we have, just some China dealers want Class B level quality due to their budget to save their cost thus they can sell at lower price.


We strongly don’t recommend customer to make further change with our kit because it will make kit potentially get broken if builder not too proffessional.
Plus our drive wheel only fit certain wheel cores due to the core thickness and size, like our drive wheel can fit flywheels but not sure on MBS wheel, sometimes need sme slight griding works on the pulleys or wheel cores to make them fit wheel, we call it core tolerance.


i thought i had a picture but yeah i slapped on a 97 abec clone to test it. Also if 90mm didnt work how are riptide using the same setup with 90s?


you know well our kit and know our customers well. thanks for sharing your experience with builders. You are so nice!


Haha well i haven’t used the motor kit. I bought it but then changed my setup around. The 5p battery and esc though have seen about 600+ miles over 3 months and they have been pretty solid for the price. Still crossing fingers you give a 30q option that fits in the 5p case.