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Right time, winter is almost done…


You do not want to use big motors for these AT airless tires unless you need a lot of torque. The duro on these wheels is soft for traction and comfy ride. Past 25mph they start expanding from the centrifugal force and come loose from the rim.

When I put this together and spun the motors up the wheels started coming loose. 6354 motors might work, I had 6374 on here they are too powerful. I would have to gear down A LOT and set the max RPM to limit the speed. I am just using these wheels for crappy roads and snow and I wanted a higher top speed so I switched to abec11 Superflys so I could still get the 35mph top speed I was looking for.



When will the app be available


has anyone tested these battery packs over decent distances in their boards? how to they hold up…as someone who doesn’t have the know-how or equipment to build my own pack i’d be interested in buying a battery if there is anyone who can vouch for them


Would you be willing to do a video of this? I just received mine, haven’t spun them up, but I think mine are geared for 24mph, which is pretty close to your 25mph assumption. Would there be anything to prevent it from expanding? Super Glue?


I’ve seen people using zipties, going through the tire wholes and through the wheel hub


There are a couple of people on reddit who have reviewed this, search 10s5p belt review


Hi Jason,
the idea of the app to configure the curve of brake and accelleation is very interesting, so could be possible to use your dual esc also with a 6374.
Maybe you can release a preiminary version with only basic functions without any graphics …could be very appreciate.


Don’t think you will get proper performance out of those 6374 motors with that ESC.

*KV will most likely be incorrect. The esc expects something around 280 if I remember correctly. Speed will most likely decrease.
*The amp rating of the esc is too low to make good use of a 6374. Your torque/power won’t increase that much if at all.
*Gear ratio…KV/ratio will be different compared to factory standards, most likely affecting performance in a negative way.

If you are hell bent on using that ESC, it’s best to stick with the stock motors or equivalent.


Thanks for your advices…
but the double esc in my board drive 170kv (6354) motors and the current for each motor, with a good battery (lipo) is 30/40Amps , enough for a normal use of 6354 149kv, I am not too heavy.
Maybe I have seen that the accellaration is not very linear.


We scheduled lauch it on April, it may delay if beta test not good.


Thanks for your advice, we hope to make it lauch on sale asap, but we can’t sell a immature product, it will damage our company image. and we have to be very cautious in lauching any new items onto the market. We throughly test the quality months then sell.


I’ve done about 500 miles on the 5p it avgs 14 mi on hilly terrain on max speed setting with 63mm motors


Thanks for the info, but im not gonna use the airless, i just need those 9inch trucks with 63 mounts for flat road, i already built a trampa urban carver for All terrain


A guy on discord made this case for the 5p battery.
For those wanting to use a split setup like the 2p kit :slight_smile:

228mm length x 184mm width x 57mm height.


So if I order an esc from you now, I’ll be able to use the app later when it launches?


No, you won’t able to sue app in the future, the new esc with blueteeth interface for app, and the protocal are different, so current esc won’t work with future app.


The esc delivers 20/25a max for each motor. On startup, the amp draw is usually the highest/you will notice it more there or during hill climbs.

What do you expect out of bigger motors?