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What is this kit? 190kv 6355 motors? :slight_smile:


180kv 6354 motors with adjustable motor mount.



For AT Board, we have to use this seperate esc kit with v1.1 esc but upgraded with v2.1 firmware, hereby we clear it up again here.


Does it still come with 260kv motors? Is there a plan to offer a lower kv for more powerful esc setups?


if customers has specific requirement we will send them 180KV motors


I have a specific requirement. I bought this kit an now am searching for lower kv motors. Can I please buy some? Right now the kit is sitting unbuilt in a pile until I can find some 5065 motors that will work with a 10s or 12s setup with vescs


what’s your order number? you can message me or email me for this specific order.
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Just sent you an email. Hopefully I can get some motors for this kit to get it up and running.


What’s wrong with the stock motors?


ok, i sent you a email replied.

180kv 6354 dual motors.


it is all good, just some customers need lower kv to suit their vesc config.


Can your 9inch AT trucks kit have this 63 motor mounts?


this is 9’’ at truck, same motor mount, just with 6354motors mounted with a thick cnc washer make it well mounted


Is your AT trucks is same with this mounts?


no, it is different, this is 7.25inch truck, underbelow is our 9’’ at truck


Ok thanks, can we replace the 9" mounts with 7"mounts so i could use my 6374 motor without the thick spacer. So that i could fit dual 6374


not for sure about it, we need to test on it first, some customer already did but with their own motor mount.


Thanks, i think ill do that, but if you test it and it will fit can you change it or an option to choose the mounts for tue 9" trucks, as i remember you sell 3 types of mounts few months ago, and im stillbwaiting for the 30Q battery before i purchase.


30Q cells will be available after China new year and start selling on March.