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@Skunk Show this man your picture.


Looks like they just used a spacer and the motors have a long enough shaft to get the pulley on.


Saw this and thought about tire expansion :smiley:


thats crazy, lol


Hey @rey8801. Regarding the fact that Meepo/wowgo/ownboard rate their motors at 250 watt and diyeboards rate theirs at 500 watts you said you’d do a comparison. Now that you’ve had them for some time, what do you think? Are they the same or is it really twice the power?


Never had the Meepo one. I bought the 500watt from diyeboard… To me same thing. I compared speed ecc with others having the Meepo and they do the same. I have them at 12s now super fun, but @sayekim used the Meepo at 12s and same results. I would say they are the same.


Are you using their esc? I thought that was only rated at 10s max. Also what about torque? Is that better?


Only vesc. I used them with Maytech vesc at 10s, now 12s with 2 single Flipsky6.6 vesc. If you use their esc then the power is limited. These motors can perform way above than what you aspect.


I’d say that he was using focboxes with the meepo hubs. I’ve seen 6 of these escs burnt at 10s. Would just get a Chinese dual vesc before you move to 12s :slight_smile:


One last thing. Do you know where I can buy a 6 PIN convertor for these motors to connect them to the VESC?


Everywhere. Depends when do you want them. On Ali for cheap. Amazon, ebay more expensive but faster. You need a JST PH 6pins. If you do not find it I have some of them :wink: I usually replace the small jst zh on the motor with the PH and then directly to the vesc.


I don’t understand. How do i connect this

With this

I know the sensor wires go in the VESC directly but how do i connect the 3 cables?
Sorry I’m a noob.


You’ll need to solder on the appropriate plugs into the FSESC, looks like 3mm bullet connectors, someone correct me if I’m wrong.


motor phase wires (the ones you call 3) we do replace the connector with bullet one, 4mm or better 5.5mm. The sensor wires now won’t be VESC friendly. You need to replace the connector with a JST PH 6 pins.


So they offer a sensor cable along with the FESC

I searched and I found this online
It seems that the diyeboard has 5 wires and this is 6 pin like you said. My question is how do I connect the two together?
I know the map is given by FLIPSKY here but I am unable to figure out the corresponding wires in the diyeboard sensor.
Is it just color coded?


I think I just found their setup
Based upon this and this thread here I think I can do it. Thanks for your help!!


Cool I have been looking for that exact thread. lol Bear in mind the halls can be connected in any order but make sure you don’t accidentally connect one to the temp pin on the esc. No drama it just won’t work obviously.


yes correct. the important one are 5v and ground. Leave empty the temp and hall sensors don’t matter the order. You can use the adapter included but to me better to change it tot a 6 pins JST PH (which means 2 mm pitch). Good luck!


Look what I found


Yes you can use the adapter too.