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Diy board that beats raptor 2


Its a maytech I think 4.12


That’s also not ideal🤣


I will only use BLDC.
From what I understand its fine for that.
Been using it on my 6s with no problems for a year.


13 motor teeth is more than likely not enough and will skip like crazy unless you have idlers or something to help the belt stay on. I recommend getting 16T pulley, you will never have skipping teeth issues




Why one sensor cable? get 2
Antispark switch you mean? If your battery pack already have a switch you don’t need one.
Not sure if you are doing a full parts list but some of the stuff thats missing

BT module if you want that
Enclosure (this one can be a pita)

Evolve GT is easy to beat in terms of top speed.
Also if its your first build there are Kits out there with everything already picked out.
Heres one that had been pretty popular

You don’t need to buy the kit but its great as a starting point of reference.
If you have a strict budget def list everything out, odds and ends adds up pretty quickly
Also if theres one thing you don’t want to skimp on its probably going to be the VESC, this can come back to haunt you


Thanks, all info updated now.

Yeah topspeed is not the top priority, I want the beastly acceleration.
So 16/36t with 83mm wheels should be enough to beat the evolve gt in a dragrace ?
With the specs above.


So i orderd the parts from diyeeletricskateboard.

As i said earlier i already have a vesc from a previous build so that why i only orderd one from diye.
And i also have caliper 2 trucks and 36t wheel pulleys with 83mm wheels.

Second order will be from eskating where i will order the following:

1x Sensors adapter to JST 2.0mm 6 pins (With my previous vesc this cable came with it, this is a sensor cable right?)

1x Bluetooth UART module for electric skateboards (IOs/Android Metr App Ackmaniac)
1x CAN bus Connector for Electric skateboard Speed controllers
1x 12 AWG Parallel Adapters

Is there anything thats been missed?
Cant wait to test the performance!
The fastest board i rode to this day is dual 5055 from, lets hope i dont get dissapointed :slight_smile:


All parts are orderd, here is a updated parts list.

  • Deck Jet Vulcan kick 37.7
  • 2x Vesc 4.12
  • Battery 10s4p 30q cells (eskating)
  • Gearing 16/36t
  • Caliper 2 44 deg trucks.
  • remote enertion raptor 1.
  • Enclosure eskating 520mm
  • 83mm abec clone Wheels.
  • 2x 6355 190kv Torquemotors
  • 2x Torque mounts
  • 2x Vesc Sensor cables
  • 1x canbuss connector
  • 1x Bluetooth module.
  • 1x 12 AWG Parallel Adapters 2-1 xt 60 connectors.

Any tips regarding settings on the vesc for this setup would be very appreciated.
Thanks Guys.


Just be careful with those torqueboard VESCs. Their quality aren’t what they used to be. I’d recommend flashing those VESCs to Ackmaniac’s firmware. Stay away from FOC.


I will only use BLDC and 10S so i hope i will be fine.
Ive been using maytech Vesc for over 1 year and had no issues with it, from what im told most Vesc goes bad when people try using FOC.
The guys at has been very helpful and seems to offer great support so far so im not that worried.

Im going to Use Bluetooth UART module that works with METR app so i wont be using Ackmaniacs Firmware.
I Think i will stick to the 2.18 firmware, i hope that works out well.


That’s gonna be fast but let me be clear it’s not gona be Raptor 2 fast. You need to at least run 12s to maybe be slightly faster. The Raptor 2 is tuned very well and has bigger motors then 99% of the Diy market has. Just think about it Dual 6355 vs dual 7080 motors with the Same battery there is no contest.


On the topic of Vesc
Funny enough I did blow through 2 torqueboard vesc and one focbox running hybrid bldc on the default FW

Now I have running 12s on Ack’s firmware on FOC with focboxes without any issue (the motor crapped out before the vesc did)
Also running 10s on Ack’s firmware on FOC with TorqueVescs without any issues.

Got no complaints what so ever :slight_smile:


I wish more people got VESCs from Vanda electronics. Them Taiwanese PCB QC folks really got their shit together.


And they’re smart enough to sell on amazon. Vanda Amazon :slight_smile:


What do you mean they aren’t the quality they used to be? I have one bought in July 2016 so I assume that’s an older quality one, never had problems with it.
What made you think they went down in quality?
That’s got me worried since they seem to be the only one with VESC’s in stock rn. Ollin is done, enertion out of stock. If you want a VESC right now they seem to be the only choice.


There’s always VESC6 :yum:


Not a very fun reading regarding the vesc from torqueboards… I really hope it works out for me.
Torque boards seems to be a big player here in the diy community and it seems odd too me that they would sell bad quality vesc and get away with it?

I will use bldc with hybrid mode since the motors have sensors and all.
Would you say it’s better to run the metr firmware? What causes them to blow? I always thought it was the foc or 12s killing those Vesc.


Brb selling a kidney to afford Vesc6.


Maybe I can keep up to let’s say 35km/h ? :innocent: