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Diy board that beats raptor 2


TBH vesc is brittle. Even VESC 6 are known for puffing magic smoke. TB is a big player and he moves a lot of vescs. The more you sell the more issues you are going to get and people usually get chatty when there are issues.

Here are the lessons I learnt.
Read the forums. There are small stupid things like how to prevent shorts. Vesc limits. (The damn thing is so configurable that if u programmed it to cook itself it will ask you how would you like it done)

Use well tested firmwares with wizards. Ackmanic is a good one

Buy insurance and use a trusted vendor. People will disagree with me but I had good interaction with @torqueboards and def trust them to have my back when shit breaks.

Lastly have patience. Shit will break. Shit will not work. It takes time to work out.

Also I fried 3 vesc on bldc hybrid. Zero on foc :wink:


I have not read any posts of people cooking vesc6?

and a search for “vesc6 magic smoke” yeilds 0

do you have any evidence to back up your claims?

@Ixf editing your post isn’t a answer dude :rage:


Lol I added that before I saw your respond. This guy call Eric mikewski on youtube cooked one. In a meeting at work. I can find vid when I get out


I don’t doubt you can cook one if you use asinine settings… don’t make it brittle though, makes the programmer a ass.


There’s been a couple of people on here who reportedly have fried their vesc6s. Don’t remember who, but I’ve seen the posts.


still not seeing the hardware as the problem but rather the monkeys using it.

this seems inflammatory, sensationalist and generally un-founded

what is the measuring stick, please point me towards the strong esc? :rofl:


you can go a lot faster than that with the right gearing


Well lets just hope that i will be fine :slight_smile:
I do agree on the support from diyelectricskateboard, they been very responsive!

2x 6355 motors 190KV
10s4p 30Q cells with inbuilt bms. (40A continous and 80A burst according to eskating)

So what do you guys think of the Vesc setup?
This is the value of each Vesc.

  • Motor max 80A
  • Motor min regen -50A
  • Battery max 40A
  • Battery min regen -8A

Min ERPM = -60000
Max ERPM = 60000

Cutoff start 3.4
Cutoff end 3.0
Bms is inbuilt on the 10s4p 30q.

Startup boost - .06

Max current ramp step (at 1kHz) = .04

Hybrid mode sensorless erpm 2000

Im all ears! =)


Yeah i know, but im more a fan of accleration than topspeed.

Maybe that will change after some riding experience.
Ive always been impressed with the accleration of the Raptor 2 and Evolve Gt when in GT mode so that to big reason for my build.
Im hoping that the acceleration will be good with those 83mm wheels, hopefully that good that i could keep up with the raptor 2 acceleration wise and beat the Evolve gt.


most of those clone tires suck

oo I thought you were just going for speed


Nah acceleration is a priority! :slight_smile: 40km/h is enough for me


I will present you a picture of a vesc with big biceps when I get out of work today :slight_smile: stay tune


You can lower these cutoff to 32/30, or even lower if you wanna extract the maximum energy, I personally use 31/29

About the torqueboards VESC, hope they improved, the one I ordered fried on the motor detection, don’t even managed to spin the motor


What did they respond?


You are running dual right?
I don’t know what BMS you are using but some BMS react to too much amp pull by shutting off.
The packs from diyelectricskateboard does that so I capped by battery setting accordingly to their continuous rating. (BMS was rated for 60 so I had 30 for each vesc)

I don’t need the BMS to shut off when I am trying to climb a hill :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes dual 6355 190kv.
According to Alberto at Eskating the bms is 40A continuous and 80A max.
I guess I have to try to see what works.
But I will try 40A battery max on each vesc first and if it has any problems I might need to go down to 30 or 20A?

It should allow for burst up to 80A so I hope I will be fine.
All the parts was shipped today so it should arrive next week :slight_smile:


Can you please give me a link to this information? I highly doubt theyŕe 7080 motors…


@onloop said it himself.


Mhm… «technically 7080»… I have no idea of what he meant with that


you would need to ask him yourself to get better detail lol