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Diy board that beats raptor 2


I was talking about the 6s max speed so they are both going at the same speed. 12s max speed at 130kv would be 55mph I don’t think I can handle that. Hmm I’m not exactly sure how it was cooler but I ran this test 12 times on different days. Did the 6s test then the 12s test matched the speeds 12s was always cooler. I think it might have something to do with the extra electrical torque I was getting with the 12s im 250lb.


At same speed 6s should be bit more efficient than 12s. The esc will be changing the voltage applied to the motor so in both motors ud be giving an effective voltage of maybe 22v to the motor even if pack is 12s. The esc will be less efficient doing half duty cycle at 12s though. So for the same amps out of the esc at the same speed the esc would get hotter on 12s. But that’s just what I hear n read n never tested. Be great if u did a video test we could see


Yes I did notice the esc was hotter but the motors were cooler. I would love to I’ll get some new vesc’s so I can have a controlled variable.


I’m the same way. I love hearing the motors on my DIY build. But… not hearing the R2 basically at all is pretty fucking cool. :slight_smile:


And the difference between 6s and 12s will be different than 10s v 12s…stop moving the goal posts


Lol im talking about using 130kv hubs those are totally unusable at 10s maxx speeds which is why I used 6s as the base speed. Also math is allot easier at 1/2 rather then 5/6.


12S Dual 190kv 6374 x2 with a ~2.5:1 ish ratio would destroy a raptor 2 …


What are you talking about? 130kv hubs totally unusable at 10S? I use that exact setup…


Usable yes, efficiency is probably not the same compared to a 75kv or 80kv, I would assume u encounter a bit of heat with those hubs, ride lots of flats, or weigh about as much as a feather


Yeah those hubs would roast in the heat and in the hills with a more than moderate sized human. I had a set of 200kv hummies at 10s for a while and the kack of low end torque ended up always getting them hot after a single hill


I’ve taken this build on multiple runs in San Francisco. With my backpack and gear, I weigh about 150lbs. The motors will get moderately warm, but nothing I haven’t seen from my belt drive setups.


How do you cool your hubs? Internal fan? Truck heatsink? Btw this isn’t me sounding like an ass I’m genuinely curious


I don’t. Though since these are TB 90mm Hubs, they have fins that supposedly help with cooling/


Makes sense I’ve seen Those and agree they counteract heat, I would still say go lower kv since u have a higher voltage battery though


We really need to see R2 -4wd with 12s setup. Someone has to do it for science.


@PredatorBoards Yes for general use they are I’m talking about using them at maxx speed I’m assuming your using 18650’s I was using a lipo set up which can output a 50amps constant with no sag what so ever in that case I would reach a speed of 50mph and most likely cause the hubs to fail which would lead to the test being invalid and my self being quite injured after. You are most likely going at speeds way under 50mph for that they are fine I was specifically speaking for this test. For reference these hubs are stable at 30mph no problem and uphill at 18mph for a 20%grade drawing 50 amps average any faster up hill will blow the vesc. I went threw 3 vesc’s to get these numbers. And yes the results are the same for FOC at 18mph but under 8mph foc is quite a bit better at climbing hill.


Hi Again guys!
So I decided to do a DIYbuild instead of waiting for the raptor.

Just need some help with the final parts.
At the moment I have :

  • 1x Vesc 4.12
  • Battery 10s4p 30q cells (eskating)
  • Rear pulleys 36T.
  • Caliper 2.
  • remote
    -enclosure with room for battery + 2x vesc.

Now for the final parts im thinking of
2x 6355 190kv Torquemotors
2x Torque mounts
2x Vesc Sensor cables (for smooth start?)
1x canbuss connector
1x Antispark? Is it needed? I have a powerswitch on the battery from eskating already.

Gearing, this is where Im unsure, Im going to use 83mm wheels and I already have dual 36T wheel pulleys.
Im looking for great acceleration ( would like it to beat evolve gt in gt mode if possible).
What gearing should I go for on the motor pulley?
16/36 would this achieve the acceleration im looking for or should I go with 15, 14?


Did you already purchase your VESC’s?
Get the sensor cables
No need for antispark
16/36 will give you plenty of acceleration!


Yeah I already have 1 so I need one more.
What do you think about 13/36 with 90mm wheels.

I have this already so it would save me some cash.


Which one is it?

13/36 isn’t ideal IMO, but since you already have the parts, just try it!