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Diy board that beats raptor 2


Well it depends on how you want to beat the raptor 2 speed or acceleration. If you want both I would suggests using 12s lipo battaries with at least a 60c rating this will reduce your sag to the point where the raptor 2 cannot compete. Also go with a gear ratio of 2 and a 50amp battery draw.


if you want a crazy performance longboard, i would suggest no to go with belt-driven
i own 12s 192kv one motor board, and i have some issues with belt-pulley system when i “floor” it. because im using almost full potential of motor, belt system struggles to handle that power. yes, it possible that you could find a way to improve belt driven system. but it would still louse power on friction/noise and so on

hub motors would rule them all. just wait for your raptor 2. you would never make your first build as good as raptor 2

nevertheless, if you still thinking about making it by your own, find motors with less kv. 192 is too much. with 14/40 gear ratio, 97mm wheels, 47km/h top speed, i have issues with pulleys. 14 not enough for belt to handle power.
for single motor i would suggest 125kv from hobbyking, but its too big for 2xmotors

once again. hub motors.


Thats why we have dual drive and 15mm belts


Exactly! 10 fucking characters. :slight_smile:


You need to learn the vesc dude. It holds all the power to help you with all of your issues. Gearing is just another cool thing we can do. :slight_smile:


Umm I’m running 9mm belts with a 18/36 ratio duel drive I put a 90amps at 12s threw it with no loss what so ever I’m thinking your using single drive and not using the right setting/ tension.


I like hearing both my motors roar when I fly uphill at 25mph😂 Its so fucking sexy, screw noiseless setups

And besides, having 2 gigantic motors in reverse mount just makes it that much sexier, its like having a spoiler for a longboard


Well if you live in area where its illegal to ride a electric long board silence would be good. Other wise noise is king lol.


Yea thats true, in that case better go with hubs and ultra slim battery packs


I’m just call that the biggest bunch if BS I’ve read all.week…


I’m running dual focbox’s with 25mm motor pulleys and 25mm belts, I can go from 0 to 30 uphill with so little sag it’s almost un-measureable.


The issue is the single drive not the belt system, Olso I’v come to the relization that belt width has nothing to do with torque on a duel drive. Unless your talking about a mountain-board


How did you fit 2 25mm on the rear?


Badass trucks and motor mounts :blush:. I’m running surf rodz tkp trucks with 80mm axles using @psychotiller RIPBA motor mounts.

Dropped Airless Glorrrrrrryyyyyyyy [dual 208kv, dual focbox, 10s4p 30Q, LY Evo, Airless 6in wheels on 6 Shooters]


Can you imagine the heat that the R2 hubs would generate at 12s?


Actually hubs run cooler on higher voltages


So you’re telling me that the hubs would be cooler running 12s vs 10s? Maybe at the same speed but with the increased power I have a hard time believing that.


Well everything is hotter if you run harder and pump more amps :joy:


I tested this with the diy hubs ran them at 6s at 50amps maxed out speed were burning hot, did the same at 12s matched the speed significantly cooler. The vesc on the other hand was allot hotter. They were 130kv 83mm hubs with a 12s lipo set up 120c average draw on it. On flat of course uphill would be a different case.


U can run a simulation on the grin motor simulator. Higher voltage does not make the motor run cooler. The comparison of 6s vs 12s full speed isn’t a revealing comparison as ud be putting out a lot more power at full speed on 12s. How that would be cooler doesn’t make sense. If anything comparing 12s vs 6s at the top speed of the 6s will be revealing that the 6s is a bit more efficient, in that scenario