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Discussion about DIY vendors, delivery delays, communication, and transparency


Have these vendors commit to
Improving and admit their mistakes, and promise to not lie to customers. I’ll be the better person and stop and admit defeat. This thread can be deleted and I won’t ever speak of them again unless they ignore customers and take their money again, or lie to them.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll advocate for them again like I did before. I’ve vouched for all 3 of these vendors before until I found out all this, specially with Ollin and carvon in terms of customer service/lying.

Or you all can keep debating and discrediting me, and keep looking for faults in what I say or keep classifying it as BS. Which helps nothing.


I think this video explains well on what @Photorph has been trying to do
Watch this vid 9:01

idk anymore


Boy you’ve really made me take a good hard look at myself.

I average 10 to 12 custom boards per year. (i’m not even going to bother mentioning everything else i do lol) They don’t go on insta if i’m too busy or its similar to another one i built or i don’t feel like it at the time or i’m just trying to get it finished or a number of other arbitrary factors. Almost exactly half of them came back for a number of reasons including but not limited to actual warranty work. Most came back for upgrades or part swaps or some other kind of tuning specific to the individual. Most of my customers start upgrading them as soon as they figure out they’re able to with different settings or additional affects.

Now how is it not a fact you ask? Well, you didn’t ask me, and you don’t know ALL of my customers. therefore…

Also i do ArcBoard’s US warranty work. I know how they’re built and they’re solid.

Also i follow your posts. I especially like the one where you’re hugging that dog, its adorable. And the teddy bear with the Raptor 1 is great.


Just my personal experience with @chaka … last year he released his revolver drive and I preordered it. Later I got a deal on a raptor 2 spot for 1164 usd and I jumped on that , and I told Chaka I would like to cancel my order since I wouldn’t be needing it and esk8 funds were low after buying that spot. Money was back in my paypal after 2 or 3 days.

In my opinion, when buying a custom board or part, since it’s custom, there is definitely not as much $$ going into r and d compared to a big company with a dedicated engineer/designer(or team of them) so there is a risk and people should know that, but I was still willing to support that then. I don’t think knowingly telling the customers that their board will be shipped next (however many weeks) when it definitely isn’t is ethical (as I’ve been the biggest critic of Jed for saying that their boards are being assembled and packed when they haven’t even designed many parts for it), but by going custom your heart should be prepared for delays and stuff breaking down. That’s where the great after sales service of many vendors on here comes in.


“I’m just going to come out here like i always do and drop truth bombs.” Right…
guy tells me his board won’t turn off, i say send it back. I had recent;y found an issue with my eswitches and knew what was up. he says he wants to keep riding it. - not entirely true at that moment we didn’t know what the issue was, the next day the board smoked and was shipped back to you

I say no, bad idea, he says its fine… he floats the fets on his eswitch which heat up and short the BMS killing the board completely after causing a small and very contained fire inside the box which suffocated immediately.

This after he’s managed to smash the shit out of it which caused the whole thing. Broken phase leads and signs of neglect and abuse everywhere, never mind that he raped my artwork. - when I ordered the board I asked for specific remote… not the Steeze you sent in … I asked for reason… and yeah the board hit door because I accidentally hit the stupid remote I didn’t want in first place… the resin you put on your wires cracks during shipping…on board you build in 2017 and same goes on board you build in 2018… in fact… this time you didn’t put grip tape on it and I could just see it but since I put a foam on it… I didn’t care about the esthetics but I do questioned the design

I replaced his deck, got Jerry to throw in some carvons after a good wait like you do for Jerry, and the motherfucker ended up with an AWD carvon - I did… and you should already know to bypass the BMS and you still run it through BMS on discharge and the BMS blew after 8 days of riding… I messaged you about it… I asked you if you have spare BMS but you said you don’t… nor you said send it back… 8 days of riding… and you even told me that now you run Carvon builds bypassed so why did you run BMS on discharge on my built… knowing fact we where there… I don’t see the logic

now let’s talk about Carvons… while that is nice gesture to you it was more fixing the problem you created yourself… On my first board… we had issue with Torguboards mounts as they slip… when I told you this is the case… you told me yeah you know that … I question why you keep using it… second… you told me that Cedric OKP might send you new mounts but it’s going to cost 760 extra … i paid… and why wouldn’t I… I want my 4200 board be running so 700 extra is nothing right… on which you write me after I already sent the money the mounts don’t fit… and that you give up and you leave the business blah blah… then you say Jerry owes you set of Carvons that might salvage the situation… so after spending 5000 I had board that in continuity run for 1 month… first in October 2017 i sent back to you after 1st week, then second in Mid November 2017 that lasted for 2 weeks … sat in your shop till what July August 2018 and then worked 8 days… because I ride too much… I’m too heavy? I don’t know dude… I ride all other boards as well I love the madness behind the builds but the execution is poor… and even then I still try to get you business… Archee

build on a brand new deck. Tell him i said hey, i know you talk to him. Pretty sure he’s where you got MY numbers you were throwing around like you knew shit on your own.


This is my guiding principle as a customer. Want a better customer experience? Start thinking about how to be a better customer.


Don’t forget all the times you called me at my day job to change direction on what you wanted to do.


and the fact that half of the board come back is a sign there is a slightly issue… you as businessman can’t have that… in that case you need to learn and adjust… because that’s not what keeps you in the business… which you always wanted… I know I’m extreme in this environment… and that’s why I shifted to other type of boards and even Unicycle but right of the box there are issues… and I’m not the only guy that had those issues…
broken 3rd printed pulley after first ride, motor magnets after 3rd ride. shipped bad charger, shipped remote without charging cable, replacement pulley with wrong size… yeah all those things can be avoided by just checking on the shit… and it won’t probably make much of a difference but put it this way from customer perspective, you see continuity here… and I would you to see our point of view


Oh and all the times i yelled at you out of frustration, that’s probably important for everyone to know as well.


I like @longhairedboy and all of this was not mainly about you. I had to throw you on here because a few of your customers contacted me. But you are here, being honest…openly admitting that half your boards came. I have respect for that. I have nothing negative to say about you, rock on. Thanks for being a part of the conversation and admitting that there were growing pains and issues. That’s the only thing I said about you and you admitted it. Now you are free to take shots at me if you’d like about anything, including me resembling a Disney character.

The other vendors however…they need to do better. Lying and ignoring customers is not to be taken lightly.


yes… I agree… I was not easy and I’m not easy… as stated I’m extreme…and somewhat I still love the boards (except the deck) since I can’t ride it for long but that is something to be considered the risk… the fundamentals didn’t change right? All I’m asking is people to improve the things that are wrong and perhaps learn from the patterns… and to your defense yes… it was 2wd originally and you didn’t want 4wd build… but you did take the money for it and built it… what I asked you to do is to put parallel plug so I can run separate battery… not necessarily to increase range but to ease on the BMS … you said you couldn’t… or didn’t want to do it… and here you go… after 8 days riding… the BMS blows because it’s just too much for it… for me it’s all about purpose… if I had that plug there… extra battery with its own BMS is in and boom… no issues… and for 4wd setup… I don’t see any other way… maybe to bypass that but on 5p setup that’s a huge stress for batteries if we going to keep the amps open for the motors like that… and while all this discussions started back then I was still very positive… in fact I’m still very positive . I really want you guys do well because if you the entire community has benefit from it but you can’t be running these business like that and ignoring all the red flags… and then when people address that get all pissy about it… like Jeremiah, Jerry, Jason… if you build board for yourself and ride it… sure… but if you go public, take someones hard earned money and then don’t deliver for what 2 years to some now… hmmm… I text Jerry now and then telling him hey this guy is complaining on FB… not to make Jerry feel bad but to maybe address the situation… to get the change to correct maybe the broken link… or be more transparent… we know it takes time to make it right… and some might be faster than the others… but silence is not helping… remember your situation with Gary… … so that’s all…


So… Are you guys going to order a crusher or what?


I think the boys need to take a bit break from it… get investors to get help with the minor things and focus on scale-ability and sustainability … there will always be people that won’t be unhappy but if the amount of people who are happy customers is 90-10 % it’s good… if it’s 50-50 well… maybe time to change the direction here…


no but we can still support you selling that :slight_smile:


I don’t think you guys understand what’s going on here. There has already been a change of direction. The Fiasco with your board, zach’s board, nate’s board, and … oh wait those are literally all the fiascos… wait, how could i forget swordboard… have all taught me to not do whatever the customer asks and not follow their lead at all whatsoever because they don’t understand what they’re asking for and can barely be managed.

We are now building basically identical boards with paint, gearing, and wheels being the only customization options, and only after you ask me nicely.

There will be no more weird shit to fail. There will be no more “That’s what they want, i told them it was a bad idea but they want it anyway.”

Direction changed.


Woah man, how’d I get dragged into the “fiasco” category? Lets not go there man. My shit is sorted out. I’m just eating my popcorn and watching the firestorm here.


Because it was. You’re board literally dissappeard in the mail after i spent god knows how long replacing Tron for you. I would call that a fiasco.

Never-mind the EL wire never worked right because Becs and inverters and all that just can’t survive in a board for long. We learned that together, and together we suffered some shit bro.


well you tried to sell ready sell boards but I find it very difficult… because we all like different things… maybe that’s why you went back and allow the customization of the look rather than the guts… maybe you should have 3 different styles… 3 different bases of boards that you have and just go with only final touches … color variation, wheel variation etc… but in terms of shapes… yeah I get that you can do so much but me and you talk about numerous times of getting decks from Jamie and that would allow you to outsource that part of that business… I’m sure with the Carvon builds you have have full hands but even Jamie was not against that idea so you could have in terms of internals same board but design wise 3 different things…


LOL its actually through that experience that my philosophy on all my diy builds are to simplify everything.

Did you know one of my buddy in NYC brought Zach’s board? I don’t think you can ever escape NYC riders my friend :rofl:


I’d like a board with hot swappable range extending batteries, next to a massive 2S voltage boosting pack (10->12S), a 200A BMS, quad drive, half carvon and half belt drive, custom lipo pack with RGB led turn signals activated by the remote… It needs to ride low, so drop-through, 10S10P flexible pack, 80A battery max per motor, standard kegels… 3 awg wires, bamboo in the deck! Viscious grip tape, paint it all black please. Clear heat shrink on the phase wires, rewind the carvons for higher top end, please… I love keyboards and I was thinking about haveing a built in 20% mechanical keyboard so I can reprogram the vescs on the go… I need to be able to change my battery max per motor to 100A when I connect the extra packs you make me. Can you drop through avenue baseplates?

I’m not intending to poke any fun, just having fun with coming up with crazy shit… So far nobody sounds like they requested anything too crazy or out of the ordinary so please no offense :slight_smile: