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Discussion about DIY vendors, delivery delays, communication, and transparency


Zach went out and got a grinder from Walmart and managed to mount classic enertion mounts on Ronins.

The boy gave up because he couldn’t stop destroying batteries. There wasn’t a weld in this world that could survive him. IT wasn’t until very recently that i finally figured out how and why they were breaking but i would kill for him to move down here and keep destroying shit for me. His input was invaluable.


The hilarious thing here is you think that’s somehow far off from the requests that i ACTUALLY get on a near daily basis now. It is not.


Well shit, get to work!!!


who can :call_me_hand::panda_face:



  1. Do your research and buy products with business practices that satisfy YOUR expectations.

  2. Know the definition of innovation and realize you are investing in it, and it just may take more time than YOU had anticipated.

  3. Account for hidden stats. Some people are just insatiable.

  4. This site made me buy a Hoyt puck when I have a perfectly working remote!

  5. Give Photorph a break, he seems to just have a different kind of passion for this esk8 life.

I appreciate this online Community, This is where I get the knowledge to avoid depending on someone else to fix my problems. I get there will be some side eyes when someone appears to vaguely bring shade to a positive environment. IMHO, I think the guy inadvertently sympathized with those who just couldnt chalk up a loss.

Ride Safe


And now i’m behind on this evolve mod battery that i’ve been trying to weld all goddamned night in front of this forum. Like anything can happen with this forum next to my welder.


Oh you know I’ll destroy all the shit you hand me and give you feedback for days :grin:


I think is so true.


Let it go now. Its futile.


I was just gonna suggest that instead of drama we all get psyched up for the next years esk8 squad event in Colorado. We have plenty of legal weed to help with the drama and once you’re riding up the side of the mountain looking around at the beauty around you thinking “christ I’m baked” all the drama will melt away :joy::blush::purple_heart::lips::dash:


Don’t wanna wait.


Just want to say this. Shit breaks, suck it up and fix it. If you can’t fix it and don’t want to send it back don’t order it.

Ps. I still love your boards @longhairedboy


Uhh, I’d easily give any custom board a 50% chance of breaking down within the first year. The fact that @longhairedboy is willing to speak openly about the repair rates on these speaks volumes for where his intentions lie. I doubt most vendors would want to speak of return or failure rates so openly, because most consumers wouldn’t like the reality.

Shit breaks. Enjoying life is about 50% setting your expectations properly.

As feedback to the vendors/leaders in here- I’m glad that the BS ‘customer is always right’ mentality isn’t given weight over logical discourse. I know nobody involved in this and it’s pretty easy to gleen who is just needing attention and who is actually willing to engage in meaningful conversation to put this to rest.

@Photorph The idea that you’ve volunteered yourself to be an “ambassador” speaks pretty loudly of transparent attention seeking behavior. Nobody asked you. How “passionate” you come across reads like you’re just enjoying the attention. This isn’t helpful to you, nor the community.


Dude spot welds on battery packs are so 2017, I should ship you something so you might put it under torture. But I prefer doing self guinea-pig myself before letting the cat out, give me some time. Let’s call feb/march 2019?


Are you just going to tease or…?


In honesty shit is working already since April. But not perfect yet so I want to experiment a bit more (remember seeing me asking about nickel plated copper material?). I kinda want it dumb proof before release.

I can PM you pics but pics ain’t much without discharge graphs and real condition stress tests. Give me a moment :v:


This thread is over. LHB did his part and opened up about why his boards were back in his shop, read through the last few posts. No issues with LHB.

Carvon we will never see, and ollin said what he had to say even though it didn’t resolve anything and my issue was still there. So there is nothing else left to be said. @moderators1 go ahead close this thread or hide or do whatever you think is appropriate, so ppl like this don’t keep adding things that have already been said . I said all I had to say, so did all the vendors who will say anything. I hope for more honesty and less customers getting ghosted in the future, even if it came at the expense of everyone taking out their pitch forks at me.


Dont remember anyone asking me about nickel plated copper specifically but I like new stuff so looking forward to the PM


This thread can stay open thanks Steve. It shows the solidarity of our community despite outside attack.

As always your personal opinions given as raw fact are highly valued :heart:


Did anybody ever link this discussion to the original Reddit post?