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Discussion about DIY vendors, delivery delays, communication, and transparency


What struck me most out of this insanity (apart from good laughs) :

That’s fucking right and spirited and fuck yea I fully agree.

Guys you’re legends clothed in gorilla tape so I won’t fight you on your turf, but I promise little more competition shall come forth :sunglasses:

Damn sometimes reading the community’s posts is so refreshing !


I’m still here, Jesus. I have work and I sleep also. I’ll reply to everything, give me a chance.

It seems like the vendors want to gang up on me, I’m literally a just a regular consumer. There is a lot of effort being put to discredit my claims, yet if you look at replies it shows that what I said is true… but there were just reasons given for why things happen that way, and then it went off topic with everyone trying to find negative things to say about me rather than owning up.

@longhairedboy I said you are a great guy and as you know I vouched for you and informed many people about as a builder that bought boards from you. But you are digging through my insta and posting pics calling me a Disney character? Seems relevant to esk8 and the issues I’m trying to discuss, real professional. I never once said anything negative about you as a person. I mentioned the fact that your boards end up back with you. I also had the carvon guy and yes zpoole message me and basically say they had bad experiences with their boards.

@chaka matt, gary, and myself have the same story. None of these people asked for refunds, they wanted honesty. Not for you to hold their money and then randomly refund them months to a year down the line. I apologize for calling you temperamental, but you can at least admit that you are and you do pick and chose who you want to get along with.

@carvon is just MIA. He just has $1000s of dollars of ppls money with no contact with them and no certain delivery date. Their kick starter was a year ago.


That was for @Michaelinvegas . You really burn him up for some reason, so i thought i’d rub you in his eyes a little. I’ve never been accused of being professional, at least not on this forum. lol

@zpoole27 came to see me for christmas one year.


Props for showing up again after all this talk.

I have no skin in these debates… But I am interested in where you guys take the discusion.


Into the mouth of madness!


Sure, I have no skin in this game either. I don’t have a board from any of these people.

I’m here trying to be ambassador for esk8, it’s the only hobby I have. And I don’t want stuff like this to happen.

I don’t want things that are happening currently to continue. I want more of an approach where vendors admit mistakes and improve, rather than gang up on customers and continue doing what they do. I don’t want people’s money held up with vendors not responding. This is ridiculous, no other industry takes free loans for long periods and ignores customers. No other industry is unwilling to admit faults and improve, and then attacks the customers. Noting I’m not a customer anymore… just being a voice for the rest of new comers.

I’ve been as civil and reasonable as possible. I didn’t even post screens shots and names of other customers and what they said. Only did that via PMs. I’ve been nice to all the vendors, only discussing issues relating to esk8s and business practices. Most people responding here against me have not experienced their money being held by someone for long periods while they were stringed along and lied to or were just plain ignored. This kind of behavior by vendors only negatively hurts their reputation and the community as a whole.


Fuck I want that shirt!!!


I personally have had great experience with vendors here. I’ve had issues yes but they have been taken care of. Nothing and no one is perfect but how they take care of the issues that arise shows their true worth.


100% true, how they take care of issues and now responsive they are.


This literally happens on every kickstarter there ever was or will ever be.

This is the Walmart mentality that I was alluding to earlier. Each and every product you buy that is esk8 related is a small batch manufacturing process. This is not Walmart, this is more akin to old school auto shops where mechanics made parts from other parts or from stock metals, it takes time and it wont be great until the 3rd or 20th revision.

I know I was hard on you, and I’m sort of sorry for that, but I think you brought it on yourself by doing 2 things. One, you dumped all of the vendors in one box when you actually only have issues with 2, maybe 3 of them. Second, you tried to do it by collateralizing other people anonymously. You cant decide to attack an entries communities structure and have zero proof and not be objective.

If that’s what you want to do, go for it, but it will not be a rewarding experience. Mostly because none of US have asked you too. You have 4 people that have an issue yet you claim the vendors cant do busy well AT ALL.

That does not work in the real world and you will be called out by trying to push those types of fallacies.


Totally agree!!! it should be gifted to every order of tb218 trucks that has already been shipped in the last 3 months.
Order Number:


@Photorph I never lost my temper with you at anytime, even now as you continue to make libelous claims about me and my company yet you call me tempermental? You have been actively seeking out and privately messaging my customers making false claims about the reliability of my builds and defamatory statements about my character. All of this because we gave you a refund?

I honestly think the only reason you are attacking the entire builders industry now is you are envious of how much we all enjoyed each others company at the first ever esk8 convention in Vegas. Why else would you be trying to start hatred where there is none with comment like this one you made to the ArcBoards team.

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Hi Hung Yi, hope you are doing well. Just wanted to say wishing you the best on the Finix, it can be challenging getting things right when you are trying to do something new. Take your time and don’t sell it until it is done right.
Also will you guys and Ollin be getting into a fight? since you also have in deck batteries now and that was his thing :wink:


Please stop trying to be an ambassador for esk8, you’re doing a fucking shitty job


I was literally just thinking that the other day in the context of the whinging that goes on in this forum (not just this thread). If the rampant “customer is always right” culture continues the way it is, we will soon be limited to buying only what we can get from big box stores because they are the only ones who can actually afford to indulge the obnoxious whims of modern consumers.

I remember working as a salesperson at a reasonably large electronics store. Customers would bring back TVs that “didn’t work” and expect me to just hand over a replacement or cash refund on the spot. I’d politely try to address the issue (usually just a setting or connector). They’d invariably get all hot under the collar about their consumer rights, conveniently forgetting that the store actually has rights too. If nothing else - the right not to be ripped off by a customer (intentionally or unintentionally).

Here’s the crux - any business that hands out refunds or replacements no questions asked isn’t doing it to provide great customer service - quite the opposite. They’re doing that because taking the time to deal with your whiney ass (i.e. provide actual customer service) would actually cost them more in missed sales and bad PR. The equation is much different for a small business selling a high cost, low margin product like electric skateboards.

I’m not surprised some esk8 dealers hand out refunds instead of continuing to deal with unreasonable customers. If I was an esk8 vendor I’d be thoroughly vetting who I did and did not do business with.


That was a joke, just like lhb posted on their pic in instagram. I did the same, making a joke comment about it’s resemblance to your freeride.


These 2 comments seem completely different, I actually laughed at @longhairedboy s comment but not yours. :thinking::thinking:


So was it a joke the many times you claimed me to be bipolar? Was it a joke when you claimed to have waited a year when you only waited 6 months. How about when you claimed to have never recieved your board and carefully left out the part where you received a refund? Your story simply is not adding up. You are clearly trying to damage my company and livelihood.


I didn’t wait 6 months. I ordered in August 2016, somewhere around April or may 2017 is when I got my refund, that’s 9-10 months. The one year figure is for the other customers, that is what they told me (I can’t verify their order dates and refund dates).

YES I did receive a refund, I’ve mentioned that in other places before. I also said in this thread that Matty got a refund also. That’s not the issue, the issue was that why did you drag along these customers for months or up to a year and promise things but then just ended up refunding?

The bipolar part is when you treat specific customers good, and others are lied to. It’s like you have two different personalities.

I don’t want to damage your livelihood, I want you to succeed honestly. You are damaging that yourself by your actions in the past. Why not admit it, and just make things better in the future? I have nothing against you, I just want you to have better business practices. I’d even get a board from you in the future if you just delivered what you promise on time, and I’d still have no problem advocating for your products/innovation and recommending you to others if you just admit past issues and fix them. Why are you stuck on thinking I’m trying to damage you? I promise I will shut up and never say anything about you if you just treat your customers right…all of them right, not just a few of them. As I said if you did that I’d buy a board from you and be an advocate as I would for anyone innovating and doing things the right way.


Sounds like you’d possibly have to use a pseudonym for the order to be accepted…


Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread blow up so fast! Didn’t think I’d ever get to the end of this, lol…