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Discussion about DIY vendors, delivery delays, communication, and transparency


Holy crap I bet your armpits smell like shit.


Shit just saw this and I am like nope nope nope…


lol wtf





WTF was going on here

Holy fuck I’ve spent one hour reading this!


That is way to long sitting on the toilet. How did ur legs not fall asleep?


i got two for you holmes , one for each nostril


How did you know?! Where’s the Gopro? hahahaha


Lol…trust me dude everyone took a minute to take the kids to the pool while reading this lol way better than reading the back of the shampoo bottle







Yo come join the nyc diy chat we’d love to have your rowdy ass over there http://diy.nyceboarding.com
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Don’t get offended though, we are ruthless when it comes to roasting people



No words


I don’t understand how anyone can be so mad, i mean he’s a fucking disney character. Even the deer kiss him. I can hear music in that picture.


Just keep feeding me beer, we’ll be fine.


Went to bed for 4 hours and this shit is still up.
Glad to see the big dogs chimed in.
Not surprised he didn’t show his face after LHB showed.
If anyone can’t grasp that not only is esk8 new and that nothing that can carry humans around at high speed is free from repairs … im not sure there’s much helping them.
I really like what sender said, this isn’t Macdonald’s.


Photorph is probably in incognito mode right now like this


Bahahahaha!!! After @chaka makes his statement, @Photorph ain’t got nothing to say?


Don’t insult Ernest like that. He’s a saint. LOL!


To be fair @Photorph is probably just asleep gents. Give him a minute.


@Photorph is back in contact, and we are discussing the issue. Maybe we can boil it down to specifics which can be verified and then investigated or show to be false. Either way, a conclusion to this thing needs to happen so its not open ended. Answers solve problems.