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Cumulus Nimbus 4wd 12s8p evo street build


Oh dang!
is 50% typical for wheels > pneumatics?


Depends on your weight.


Little bit of off road action lol


Usually, urethane is 10wh/km, nummies 20wh/km


Show me the money dude. I want some real world street silliness.


Haven’t pushed it very hard yet but I had some fun today.


I actually really like the noise of the 4 belt motors. Its oddly satisfying… she’s a beautiful beast :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Little more off the road riding.


I’m starting to regret putting 6384 on mine…


Why is that? Your board looks powerful.


Way to go Adam…what a absolute monster build…hahaha
That’s a hell of a lot of work.
The next evolution stupid fast…no doubt.
You could put a parachute on the back of that…enjoy…


How did it feel riding off road? My build pretty much just shifted into an evo with six shooters as well so this build is exciting to me. Makes me wanna go buy more batteries.


So I burned up 2 Focboxes because my dumb ass shorted out the Vesc so I purchased 2 Unitys I have one already

And I have the second one ordered already. I went on a group ride on 2wd mode and im honestly considering leaving it 2wd. Not 100% sure yet so I’ll be riding 4wd for a little bit more to see if it’s something I really want. I went on a 12mile group ride and I still had 97% battery left when I was done like 48.8v left so I kinda like this insane range in 2wd mode lol

If I decide to keep it 2wd then I have a complete drive train less the battery for another build.


Yeah good idea man and yeah just ship the drive train and motors to:
Dublin Ireland, 989 ***** street

I can also take the punies off you I got some rock hard 90mm flywheel clones for you instead.


Really cool board! Love the range.
What nickel strip did you use in the battery and where did you buy it? I can only find 25mm wide nickel strip on nkon.


Thanks man!

I got the 25mm strip inspiration from @longhairedboy

I purchased mine from a guy on eBay that is also on endless sphere. I’m not sure if he still has any but I tested and it’s pure nickel.


yeah i use the 25mm width on my packs. atm i’m using .2mm thickness but i’m probably going to drop to .15 because at that width there’s no issue with having enough metal to deal with the power. its also takes a lot less time welding a single piece to multiple cells than it does welding multiple pieces to multiple cells.


i need to have a garage sale soon. I have so much shit i’m never going to use, including two Sunkko welders.


I used the same .2mm thickness on my set up and so far so good.


This is a fantastic Build thanks for posting!