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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



Finally with @hexakopter we got some time to update Setup guide and FAQ


Thanks to everyone who was complaining about it!


Am I right, that the perimetr part of the iOS app should work fine?
Running VESC6 with 3.40 original firmwarfe.

Running the last version, if i read from Modes/perimeter - the figues from vesc1 are not all correct.
For example “Sensor Mode” is set to “Sensored” but it is read as “Sensorless” -
The Hall Table figures are listed doubled. In the first listment, they seem wrong starting with 255,1,3,2,5,6,4,255. But I dont find these in the VESC-Tool.

And if i write to the Vescs - the config will be destroyed - and I loose connection to VESC2

Or what did I miss?


Yes it should work. I will try to reproduce your problem ASAP. Are you using a Metr Pro module?
Please send your log to support@metr.at and I will have a look.


send you the logs yesterday evening.
and yes I am running metr pro


Hey mate! Any idea why my VESC 0.95 tool on a late Mac 2015 can’t see the module?


What BLE module do you have and where did you get VESC Tool?


Bought from you in August (transaction 46L27837SJ500923N). I cloned and compiled myself the VESC tool from vedder repo. The tool can recognize others modules. Thanks for your great work!


Compile this


Thanks mate! What’s the difference with upstream?


Firmware is the same as original. Just some small tweaks to VESC Tool. BLE fix for macOS and some other small fixes, like remembering last connection type and stuff. Git diff it :wink:


Works like a charm. Thx mate!


If you are the lucky one to have a DieBieMS we have some good news for you! The latest Metr app includes support for it!


  1. Battery percent displayed in Metr app is precisely calculated by BMS (State of Charge) using consumed mAh and not by just looking at voltage. When you hit the throttle or brake, battery percent doesn’t change dramatically.

  2. When you click on Battery percent, you have a DieBieMS screen where you can see individual voltages for each group, BMS temperature, charging current. There is also a glowing green drop icon on some cells, which means they are currently in balancing state.

  3. When you plug the charger, DieBieMS screen opens and closes automatically

After you wire up everything Metr will detect the BMS and everything should just work. If you don’t have it yet there is a group buy which we highly recommend https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/diebiems-v0-8-batch-3

:heart: :heart: :heart:
Thanks to @JTAG for amazing work and to @Samau18 for doing a series of group buys!
We would also like to thank @oyta for contributing not one, but two Norwegian translations (Bokmål and Nynorsk) for the whole Metr app. If you want to contribute a new translation or improve existing one you are very welcome to do so http://github.com/rpasichnyk/metr-translations


Omg esk8-nerd-p*rn! This is truly beautiful. :blush::+1: Thanks to all of you good esk8 Gods @JTAG @rpasichnyk :blush: and of course B Vedder!


Holy smokes! It is playstore official :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:!

Thanks to you as well for implementing and designing a ui!

Together with all the hobbyists here on the forum so much awesome stuff is made, and so much to come :nerd_face: (USB-C PD!!!:sparkling_heart:)!


That’s amazing, wish I could fit the JTAG BMS in my builds


That is just so awesome! Now i really have (need) to open up my enclosure and update everything!


@rpasichnyk I found a bug, the IP displayed on TCP bridge is wrong, tested even in airplane mode, it’s working but you have to know your phone IP or check on the Wi-Fi settings

I just updated to iOS 12, don’t know if that’s the problem


Logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H0_a4ldjJOnnVdGKjp1QZQ7UoNatRCus/view?usp=sharing


Thank you for reporting this. I changed it slightly so that now TCP Bridge popup displays IP addresses for all interfaces.

Bonus idea: it is possible to connect to your VESC remotely from the outside world, if you have mobile internet. I tried and it works surprisingly good.

– Hello, this is Worldwide VESC Support Service, how can I help you?
– I have a problem with my skateboard
– One moment, let me just connect to it and see what’s wrong



Nice one, will try it

Wouldn’t be good to incorporate a password? I know the chance is less than small to someone manage to access your board, even more that you have to enable the TCP bridge first, but even so, one day we may have thousands of boards on the streets


@rpasichnyk do you know why the average speed in the app and in the browser are different? What’s the correct one?