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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



How do you get the stats screen?


On the real-time screen, touch the vesc title at the bottom (even when disconnected)


Fair enough… will downgrade to 3.101 then… Thanks



Ok flashed 3.100 now and everything is working. Thanks :smiley:


Hi rpasichnyk, I would like to use your Metr App.

  1. From what I’ve understood, I have to buy your BT module, my HM10 won’t be working right ?
  2. I’ve got a Android phone with Android 8.0. I’ve read somewhere that your App is not working with this version of Android, do you confirm ?

Amazing job BTW, I really hope I can use the many functionnalities you’ve developped.


you‘ll need a Metr-Pro to connect to android 8.0, and no, only Metr modules can connect to the metr app.


Perfect, so you confirm that if I get a metr-Pro module, I can connect via Android 8.0. I’m asking because one comment on the play store says it’s not compatible…


Im 99% sure, scroll up some answers and you’ll see


@rpasichnyk Is the metr overlay for iOS not working?
I can get my video in it but everytime I paste the url in for telemetry data nothing happens afterwards.


@somaht21 yes, I can confirm 100%, Metr Pro works with Android 8.0
@sayekim try metr overlay with Garmin VIRB Edit :slight_smile:


I tried. Syncing sucks. Still trying.


If syncing is hard, do like @Pedrodemio. Export PNG sequence from VIRB Edit and then sync in video editor


Don’t have windows just a mac.


You can install windows in Mac officially with bootcamp, is really easy and so handy to have both in one beautiful machine.
Just dual boot.


you can download virtualbox (for free) and also download windows 10 for free (legally!) from microsoft

i used this method to flash my focbox since the stm tool only runs on windows. good luck!


@Surfer no need to dual boot!


Yeah I guess so but I am limited with my ssd space. I have 17gb space left.


How much space does that take? It sounds like less.

Thanks for the suggestions. It does seem like a lot of trouble though.
Why does virb sync so bad.


You don’t need Windows, there are good video editors for macOS too. Both iMovie and Final Cut Pro X support PNG sequence. There are probably more. Personally I never had issues with VIRB Edit and managed to sync without issues.

@mikenyc you can compile and flash VESC on macOS in Terminal simply by following Vedders tutorial for Ubuntu, gcc-arm 4.9 toolchain can be installed from px4 with homebrew (same for openocd) :wink:


Okay I’ll try. I am quite the noob for editing. Only do it for my own entertainment and I don’t bother much with anything else but the basics in iMovie. I will check this PNG sequence thing.


Oh, I compiled ackmaniac on my computer just fine. STM link tool was a diff story