Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



Yes, I know why. The app doesn’t take zero speed into account. I changed it on the website to work the same way, should be same now. Thanks for heads up!


Thanks, so the average is only considered when moving now? That’s make way more sense


Yesterday I drove 61km paused by a speed wobble crash at 43km/h.
The power consumption now seems right.
But the tracking stopped at 42.9km

Always ride with proper protection!
Fox Titan Jacket, MET Parachute Helmet and MBS HillyBilly Crash Pant saved me.



I’m probably doing something…stupid.

I’ve got an original metr module, and I cannot get it to connect to my phone (galaxy s9+). Light just sits there and blinks red at me.


More facts:

VESC 3.34 FW
UART @ 115200
METR plugged into slave UART
APP setup as PPM and UART


Old modules do not work with Android 8+!topic/nexus/QxcbWBsnvWc
There is no workaround unfortunately. Can stil be used with iOS or older Android though.



switched over to an old note 5 i have lying around. works like a champ!


I have the the diebiems installed

If I press the battery percentage it doesn’t switch to the cell voltage screen.

however I can choose en and see the cell voltage tile. So there is a connection.

Any thoughts?


Cell voltage tile does not indicate there is a connection. It simply divides voltage by S number in settings. Make sure you connected CAN bus properly. Then maybe try to use Terminal in metr app, enable CANFwd and set CAN ID to 10, then write “help” in Terminal


thanx, didn’t know that. Your right seems to be my can bus connection is not working properly.


@rpasichnyk would be possible to add somewhere in the web logs how many VESC’s the data correspond to? Lots of time when looking at other people records we have no idea to tell if they are using single/dua/tri?/quad configuration



This information is already there. Add ?format=json to the URL and look for "escCount" :wink:


Does the connection from VESC Tool to the metr-BLE-Module@VESC6 work for the normal/older metr-Modules or only for I’m running the normal metr-Module together with my iPhone via BLE and it works. I can also see the metr module in VESC Tool as a BLE device (using the compiled version for OS X you provided) - but it does not connect. Thanks!


No, but you can use TCP Bridge in metr app with old modules to connect to the VESC Tool😉


Thanks for the clarification. This is the workaround I‘m currently using - let‘s see how long I can resist the :wink:



Hey mate, is it possible to modify your VESC tool fork to show the Bluetooth module name? I can’t find mine, I’ve literally 100+ device UUID around me :frowning:


Congrats, you should have an anniversary sale!


New FW for Metr Pro with tons of features ? :slight_smile:


:birthday: TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY UPDATE :birthday:

:mega: TL,DR: Audio Announcements, Expert (Perimetr), BLACK Friday SALE

Hello fellow builders, today is the second anniversary of project. A lot of good stuff happened during the past year, but the most notable events are @hexakopter joining the team and Metr Pro bluetooth module launch. We are thankful for all the feedback we got from this amazing community :heart_eyes: and very excited to continue our work.


We are celebrating by releasing the new version of Metr App
with Audio Announcements :headphones:

We found this feature surprisingly useful and in some cases even more convenient than smartwatch. A simple example is when you are moving and need to keep your eyes 100% focused on the road, but you want to know your speed or current consumption right here right now.

The announcements are flexible so you can configure interval and upper / lower limits. This allows you for example to do things like this:

  • Tell speed every 30 seconds when speed is below 20kph
  • Tell speed every 5 seconds when speed is above 20kph and 30kph
  • Tell speed every 1 second when speed is above 30kph

It will hopefully help you to keep attention and increase your awareness. Another nice addition is that announcements are automatically done in the current language. Thanks again everyone who contributed the translations! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There are quite a few now! Deutsch :de: , Español :es:, Français :fr: , Italiano :it: , Norsk :norway: (Bokmål, Nynorsk), Portuguese :portugal: , Русский :ru:

The UI got a little refresh, mainly because it was hard to find Perimetr. It is now easier and since the name was somewhat confusing, it is just called Expert now. In Expert mode you can change any Parameter (Motor Configuration or App Configuration) for any connected VESC and you have convenient omnibox to search it.

:black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:
Finally, we decided to do a BLACK Friday SALE, which you can find in a separate topic HERE
:black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Metr Pro - Next Gen Bluetooth Module
Metr Pro 20% BLACK Friday SALE :tada:

Amazing work Roman, and now when people ask if it’s electric I can say that it is and also talks with you