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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



Hey man,
Is it possible to add more than 2 info on the SmartWatch ? My screen is at least big enough to hold 3 data
Is it possible to develop a layout mode for the watch ?


@ElskerShadow Yes ive added some extras to mine… just go to the data screen in the app, tap and hold on the screen and then on each of the data entries there should be a little symbol in the top left corner to mark its active on watch, if what you want isnt there just place a marker in the selection and the watch should update.


It is not yet possible on Android, only on iOS. I will add it to Android too when I have time. @LoR_NiKoN you’re lucky with iOS :slight_smile:


Ah fair enough :slight_smile:


Please do :slight_smile: 2 data is really not enough
I like to have my battery, motor temps and speed simultaneously


I cannot set custom voltage values in battery settings. It keeps reverting to defaults. iOS, everything up to date.


Here it is



I have more of a nuisance issue, runnIng Metr Pro module and amd Metr app on iOS. For some reason every time I start Metr app, it is set to Lipo battery, not li-ion or the custom battery values I set. Is there a way to save default instead of always default setting of Lipo because it’s the top alternative I drop down box? What am I not doing to save li-ion or custom as part of my profile, or do I have to change that setting everytime I start the app )unlike any other settings like 12s?


@webst @caustin seems like you have similar issue with settings reset. I can’t reproduce it on my device. Can you please send log file (Settings -> Show Log) to support@metr.at? Thanks!


Great. Just did that


something is wrong in the consumtion values.

2 x vesc 6
setting double values.


App thinks for some reason that you have 17 VESCs :smiley: "escCount":17. Wh is stupidly multiplied.
Please send log file Settings -> Show Log to support@metr.at
You have to do it today, because log file resets every day.


I hurry home … to iTunes on Mac.


I send from within the App.
is thats what you need?


Yes, thank you!


@webst @caustin settings bug is fixed. If you use multiple boards, some of your settings might not survive the update to the latest version. But from now on all should work fine.
@Pedrodemio CAN Fwd bug is fixed :slight_smile:


esc count and wattage calculation bug also fixed?


No, I haven’t tried to recreate your issue yet, but from I can see in the log file, you did a lot of actions :slight_smile: like enabling CAN Fwd, applying modes, also two different VESC firmware versions. Not trying to blame you or anything, just need time to go through the log and maybe try it on my test setup.

For everyone: Please don’t enable CAN Fwd unless you are 100% sure that you need it. Metr app figures out the number of connected VESCs automatically. When you switch modes, they are also switched on both VESCs automatically. If you enable CAN Fwd, the automatic detection will stop.


hey, seems that I can no longer read motor configuration in modes screen after todays update.


Make sure CAN Fwd is disabled. If you still have the problem, please send log file to support@metr.at with description