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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



Why i cant see any data?.. on my other board the app working. I installed new bluetooth adapter on my other board, its saying connected but without data…
Did reset, reinstall etc… not working…


Baud rate check?


Yep 15200 all same settings as my other board.


Ohhh i was wrong. Its 115200. Now its working.


Thanks for all the help in getting Perimetr up and running on Ios and Android.

Still not able to get Ackmaniac Vesc Monitor android app to work with Metr Pro. It sees but does not connect to esc. What versions of FW do I need to use in order to have that work, I have used Vesc Monitor app easily before installing Metro Pro, am using fw 3.101


Just confirmed, am running Metr Pro firmware 3.54 (up to date) and VESC firmware 3.101 Hardware:60. Everything works fine, but not able to use Ackmaniac Vesc Monitor app anymore. Has anyone gotten this to work, not clear if I should be asking @rpasichnyk or @Ackmaniac or both (like now)?


I was looking at this issue yesterday and unfortunately I can confirm that Metr Pro modules no longer work with the latest ACKMANIAC-ESC Monitor app. The latest apk version that works is 1.101 (I got it from here https://apkpure.com/ackmaniac-esc-monitor-unreleased/ackmaniac.vescmonitor/download/143-APK?from=details%2Fversion) I will try to contact Nico and ask for help

Metr Pro - Next Gen Bluetooth Module



Awesome video!!! Definitely 30% better with overlay :smiley:



I was thinking, there is no way to add motor and battery current somehow? Maybe using another variable and them we rename it on a overlay?


I was working on that, but there are not a lot variables available in VIRB Edit that can be used for that and updated in milliseconds instead of full seconds. I will let you know when I have a working version to also display the current.


I’ve bought this one to have another crack at it, android 6 watch

Maybe a Metr Pro with external antenna will help iron out connectivity issues, there is no signal noise issues where I live

will hit @rpasichnyk up with logs if he’s interested

Also picked up this deal on old model smartglasses

Metr requires Android 4.4 and up

Edt: Nuts M100 - Android ICS 4.04, API 15 -ICS not KitKat

Hi Roman, are you interested in logs for these devices at all? You know for science & wow


@rpasichnyk I’m temporarily running a single drive, is there any way to keep running telemetry from the slave VESC with the motor connected to the master one? I don’t wan’t to multiply the data but get the information from the master


Try to enable CAN Fwd and set correct CAN Id and disable Multiply Data in Settings


Thanks, just finishing the improvised motor mount

Do you know if it’s bad to just leave one motor disengaged? the VESC would try to drive with nothing connected, for me it would be better since my slave VESC is on the heel side


For anyone trying to do the same, just make sure to disable multiple VESC’s over CAN on the app page and you are good


@rpasichnyk I think I’ve found another bug

When multiply data is disable, your module is plugged on the slave VESC and you are using CAN forward to get data from the master, each time you start the app you have to disable CAN forward and enable it again to start receiving data from the master

Here’s the log



Thank you for the bug report and log. Can you please also upload App Configuration xml for master and slave VESC?


Do you mean the export from the Vesc tool?


Yes, I mean export from the VESC Tool :slight_smile: