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[closed] $50 - Surf Rodz RKP Press fit mount. 200mm 😎


Factory sent a couple pics.


I have everyone’s address and the parts are on their way to me, I should receive them by tomorrow. Then plan to ship them all by saturday the 22nd.

How long they take to get to you I am not sure, normally about 10-14 days but x-mas / new year will make it slower.


Will there be tracking? sorry if this was answered


Yes. It will be by registered mail which has basic tracking.


Mounts came in today. And I confirmed they fit. I was having a bit of anxiety that somehow I overlooked something and they would not fit and I would have to refund everyone. But all is good!

I will make a short installation guide when I get a moment.

Ignore the long bolts, its all I had on me at work. The right size is M4x10mm or 8mm


Great work man! Thanks so much for your efforts on this.


Beautiful thank you. Are they tight and snug or a slight click when rotated?


Very snug. I will be really annoyed if they make any sound. It shouldn’t be possible but time will tell.


Beautiful work - looking forward to test it out. Thanks for your efforts.


Will they work with TB mounts?


Not sure but if someone could measure them with a caliper?

The inside hole needs to be at least 29.5mm and the center to center of the M4 screws needs to be 46mm.

Would be crazy if they did fit.


Looks great!
can’t wait!


These look great! Is there any more available or is it too late?


Too late. Maybe next year will do some more.


All the parts have been shipped out. First 6 peeps on the sign up sheet shipped Friday and and other 5 shipped today / Monday.

Will pm tracking numbers when I get a chance. It’s crazy right now with family here for Xmas. :christmas_tree:

Be patient they packages probably be slow to arrive this time a year.


Thank you for all your effort! Really look forward to these!


Just received the package. Thanks you very much.


I never got tracking so I have no idea where mine is… :grimacing:


Me neither - pls send tracking @lrdesigns as i need to keep an eye on Brazil internal delivery +customs.


Mine just showed up out of the blue. delivered by USPS, signature required.

Too lazy to get out of bed.