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Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Thingiverse link in post #534



The one in between the bearings inside the hubs. I took I apart to fit the new bolts. I tried to reassemble the hubs on the bench and I did not notice that the spacer wasn’t standing verticaly anymore so I had to take it apart again to make it stand so I can get the axle through. It happens to me on regular wheels sometimes too. :joy: I am just too hasty.




looks nice, are you going to make it metal?


Probably not. Had this design rotting in a folder for a while, so just gave it a print. Basically this attaches to a disc brake plate. The placement of holes on the disc meant I had to have the same holes on the wheel and that was less than idea because they are closer to center. So I made these locking features to hold the rim in place. They will probably fail and then I’ll think of a proper design for disc brakes. Haha.


If anyone has access to cnc or wants to have it made in aluminum, I can give you the files for free. BTW, these are meant to go on the front wheels.

If you are thinking of CNCing then there is also a cheaper way than making the entire wheel. It will basically be an adapter that attaches to the aliexpress wheels. I’ll post it here in a few days.


Damn this is super cool. Using this would allow me to be one step closer to being legally allowed to ride my esk8 on the roads in Victoria, Aus


Nice! Let’s see where this goes. Do you ride pneumatics now?


Finally figured out how to get ABS printing properly. Just have a single wheel which has a pulley on it, the other 3 wheels just arrived in customs yesterday so only a couple more days! Then just need to get a second ESC then I’ll be flying


Check this out @moon


looks cool. How does it fit mounted? i’m concerned about turn clearance.


Mate :star_struck: !! It’s awesome !
Its what Im thinking about for mtb :

control it with a servo when you use brake on your board :facepunch:


Nice, maybe I can use it on the pneumatic wheels I am making


That’s the plan. Distribute the braking force.


Adapter for the disc, to be CNCed in aluminum, coming soon for ali express wheels for a super affordable disc brake setup.


Would an ABS adapter be possible? Or not enough strength for this application?


Problem is that abs has to hold m6 threads and I don’t trust it. You’ll understand when I have the adapter ready…


Can’t have a hex nut at the end instead?


Sadly no, because the hub has 3 holes and disc brake has 5 holes. There is no way to space things out nicely.


Oh that makes sense. Best to just ignore me I’m far from an engineer hahaha


I’m getting there i finally got my trucks and pulleys after a week of usps delays.