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Boss level custom spot welder


Here’s a video update:


The continuous C is irrelevant. Burst is the only thing that matters. The welder restarts because has no power. That battery is not suitable for welding. Pick a better one.
High capacity and high burst.
Recommended 5000mah 60+ C burst
So far hobbyking nanotech and graphene seem to be the safest bet.
Take a look at this thread.


Ok, will try that. Wish I had known that beforehand. I was only told that the lipo needs to be at least 40c.


Just watched your video. No doubt. That battery is not( by far) enough for the task. Also you are grabbing wrong the Pen. You need to make way more pressure. Put your finger on the shrink on the tips. Use rubber gloves if you want protection.
Also nickel on nickel can be more difficult than nickel on cell. 4ms for nickel on nickel is ok only if you have a top quality lipo. You must rise the values or the multiplicator otherwise.


That lipo is probably NOT 50c. Most brands state false C ratings. Besides it’s not the same 8000mah 50c than 2200mah 50c just do the maths.
The shorts take a few ms therefore what you need is high burst.
I’d buy a better lipo. 5000mah high burst.


Please help:( :man_shrugging:t4:


Help with what? You erased your posts.
What is your problem?


Sorry it was strange, I got 3 welds, using the test strips on some old batteries. It worked, then I couldn’t get anything out of it. Turned it off and it worked again. :man_shrugging:t4:. Seems like it’s working. Happy man. Thanks for the response , much appreciated.


Just paid for a set. Thanks for the thread, helped me make a decision.

Other than payment, do I have to send any other type of notification?


Send him an email with your name, address. Just to be sure.


Yep… did just that and he got back to me within hours with a tracking number!


According to aulakiria " You should not have black marks in too long spot welding time.". I also used to set higher time, but his recomendation spot welding time ("0.1T was spot welded in 1.4 ms, 0.15T → 4ms, 0.2T → 7ms) works best, welds are strong enough and it’s better for cells and FETs.

This pen is my next upgrade! Right now I’m using this big old cpu cooler: it keeps temps low and welder stays stable


To everyone who got the xiaomi air purifier: When the spot welder gets hot I just place it on the air purifier which cools it to room temperature in no time (max 1 minute).


BTW, for potential buyers the kit now comes with the upgraded copper stranded wires for the pen… definitely more pliable and easier to hold/manipulate!


Pics or never happened



Wait, that’s me. Haha.


I kind of love this welder, haha. Solid welds after some experimenting.


Is its worth getting the soldering iron attachment?
Is it better then a normal cheap adjustable one from Amazon?


I haven’t use mine and didn’t realized what I was getting even though I already had a pretty good soldering iron. With that said, I would opt for this one over a cheap on one amazon. You want a decent iron because the cheap ones don’t generally get hot enough and it just makes it incredibly annoying to solder well. You have to keep contact on your target longer, which in turn increases the risk of damaging your components.


Heats really fast. Worth It.