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Boosted... Meh, no more Loaded decks or Caliber trucks


Well not all :smile:


I am, but I’m a function over form kinda dude. Bad designs that favor form get my goat. But thanks for assuming shit.


Everyone wants Boosted to lower their prices, they remove their biggest costs and people complain. Why don’t we wait and see what the actual trucks, deck and wheels feel like before writing it off? Literally all their competition uses their own brand gear or Chinese generic parts so why can’t they?

I think a cheaper boosted board is a good thing as long as the parts hold up.


I mean they removed biggest reason to cost high, the deck and the wheels. Yet they didn’t really lowered the cost they just added entry product. heck the wheel size is smaller.


They lowered their price by $100

OId price on Dual + was $1499 and the extended range battery was $199.

The stealth is now $1599 and it’s with the extended range.

I mean, it’s still waaaayy over priced, but they did lower it by a little bit.


The stealth-version doesn’t even look like it’s an stealth. Same enclosures sticking on bottom that anyone can see.
Oh right, it’s black. It blends in shadows, when you ride in pitch-black at night.


I don’t understand the $400 difference between the mini x and boosted plus. Difference deck and wheels is all you get. The 2mph faster top speed I assume is due to wheel size or just software restrictions, I’m guessing that across all their boards the top speed is just determined by software settings, I can’t imagine the have 4 different kv motors.


They presumably use a different/cheaper esc, probably close to the Chinese esc


Wellllll, actually they lowered the price because they lowered the quality also compared to v2. As the tittle says, no more Loaded or Orangatang.


Form is a function in itself. Your assertions about cracking screens and Battery life are fairly universal. I’m a clarity of concept person, in that what you have called ‘thermally crippled’, I see as focused on portability, I suppose some might kick up a stink about lack of ports as a lack of functionality, but that could be seen as a push towards a wireless future and the potential universality of USB C.

If you have ever opened up any Apple product, I value the cleanliness and efficiency which is what i’d Call good design. Alternatively, you can throw in everything + the kitchen sink and dig through the spaghetti bowl that is the inside of any other laptop.

Different perspectives, no need to get snappy about it, haha.


This is what I posted on the FB group. Thought I would share it here.


I wrote the same thing just minutes before that in another thread, lol stealing my thunder eh?

How much is your time worth, then do the math…if you throw money at the problem expect others to minimize the quality, if you build it yourself, add in your labor…they all cost the same…so how much “free time” do you have?

You will obviously get a much better board for the money if you make it yourself and pick out exactly what you need for what you are doing or where you wish to ride it. It isn’t easy to learn everything it takes to make one, but if you already harbor some of the skills it’s much easier. Some builders can also make them for you, those are the best boards there is because those people have experience building many high end DIY boards and can do it faster than you but you will pay for their time and labor, and you should…the Chinese completes on the market are not designed by skaters and suffer major design flaws and you truly get what you pay for…most of them are hardly even skateboards and truly designed to just be purchased and take people’s money, many of them die and are not repairable within a few hundred miles where-as a nice DIY will go forever with maintenance and off the shelf replaceable parts…


Whatever. You’re fanboy. Go play with your toys.


nah mate, i’m a fan of good design.


You can’t count your own labour as your wage pay. I call that BS.
when you are having fun making it, you can’t call it labour because it does not produce nor return any usefulness back into society.
Normally if you having fun via hobby it cost not only labour of making and material but also cost of operating.
This hobby is bless because only thing u need to operate is your leg and outlet.
which is why they can price it high, people can risk paying a bit more.
Beside non of those company offers what I want. despite the dollar they put up, all of them is off one way or another, especially the speed is very limited
german r&d wtf. shengen is where they produce the components.

so pls don’t be a lawyer for any company. Apple has been a monster for such thing. I have never seen a macbook or iphone 4 and after without issues. people allowed this for becoming fan for million and billion dollar company.

look at go pro, they make terrible camera now because people will buy it anyways.

Interms of cost boosted put on for mini series is dead on. it is enought to get people into their “system” but keep the premium image and hopely they buy the premium down the road. very smart.

But Competition grew and it is time for them to come down a bit. or offer more unique


I have the poke. Just as a pushing board though. I’ve been so tempted to electrify it.


Right term is ”oppoturnity cost”. Which basicly equals labour.


Mall grabbing is just a poser thing so people like to hate on people who mall grab.


I’m not even going to look up what a mall grab is. This sounds dumb. I know it’s a way to carry your board. If it means anything I’ve been riding skateboards (short/long/e-boards) for over 20 years, love the culture, but the idea of someone being a called a “poser” for how the carry their board- whatever. I have a handle on my eboard and carry my analogue skates whatever way is easiest.

Carry your board how you want. Live and let live. It doesn’t make a difference, and if people want to make fun of other people for whatever about skateboarding, they are just idiots.

Constructive criticism on the other hand- completely welcome.


Truth ma dude