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Boosted... Meh, no more Loaded decks or Caliber trucks


Another thing I found out recently…the new decks are actually being made by K2’s factory, possibly in korea.

K2 has gone down in quality since late 90’s IMO.

My wife has a boosted with the vangaurd and she absolutely loves it. For her, its easy to use, goes fast enough and provides her with a good amount of fun. For me, I want to go faster, so I’m building my own!

Its all about what you want and need!


I caved in and bought the Mini X to deck swap to a chopped flat-nose Landyachtz Flexi Canyon Arrow.

As my intent is to “downgrade” the Mini X down to “skateboard” status, I picked up Boosted first-gen 75mm Otangs (I hope they work) and the 2nd gen standard battery (travel-approved for checked luggage).

Dude on YouTube put Boas on his Mini X lol, it looks… heavy :slight_smile:


I was seriously considering doing something like this. I don’t have an esk8 right now and I really don’t have the time to dedicate to playing mad scientist (despite how much I would love to) with a DIY board and know boosted is probably going to be a more dependable ride for the dough. How much do you weigh and how is the boosted Minix performing for you?


Ah, it is slow. Get the full size boosted v2 used and put on some Ollin Popocas


6’ 2"+, 190 lbs. and the Mini X never had an issue moving me in San Francisco.

The ride is uncharacteristically uncomfortable; when standing over the truck bolts if I hit any tactile pavement (like those yellow bumps for the disabled) at speed, the Mini X will positively bounce (because the deck is absolutely rigid) and become uncontrollable.

I think a Mini X deck swap will work. Regrettably, however, Mini X experienced the ‘bent mini shaft’ issue and has since been returned.

I’m looking at @Eboosted’s Moonshine Sidekick as my next runabout.


That’s fine if you want artwork for your wall. I’d prefer functionality and performance and flexibility and repairability. I’d prefer to know I’m paying for what I’m getting and not a name or a fashion statement. I’m not 14 anymore. You can keep your pretty trinkets.


This should be a sticky; the boardfeel of a Boosted V2 deck swap to a Holesom Street Sweeper with Popocas is very hard to beat.


I think Apple deserves a little extra for the design work they put in, but they have definitely started to gouge us excessively lately, though there are many marketing reasons why this makes sense. I’m not sure how Apple has confused you such that you don’t know what you are paying for, their product spread is fairly concise.

Your inference is that art serves no functional purpose, that is a shallow notion. But even so, I propose Apple is highly functional and extremely performance driven through industrial design and engineering that is focused on the given single minded proposition. Flexibility and variability is inherently and fundamentally inefficient. By accommodating variation you introduce redundancy.

Congratulations on not being 14, your maturity sure fooled me.
I hope your perspectival understanding of design and engineering will expand beyond superficial surface reactions.


Well if anyone is going to do a deck swap on a Mini x LMK I’ve been wanting that Boosted mini deck for a while I love the way it feels under my feet and I’m used to stiff decks.


You sir sound like you are drunk on apple marketing and need a designated driver. I hope your finances can cope with it. There are 12 step meetings, you know


I have been at all times factual and measured in my oration. Throwing around useless rhetoric about my supposed inebriation shows a failure on your part to truly engage in the discussion at hand.
Far from 14, this is the attitude of a 10 year old akin to throwing a fit in the supermarket. Is the ‘B’ in your username for Benjamin button? your increasing regression to childhood is alarming.

Focus on the user through engineered design is not unique to Apple and has nothing to do with marketing. Though results in brilliant marketing. Is it easy to sell great products, but don’t get the sequencing confused.

By your measure, Microsoft is ‘drunk’ with their Surface range, Tesla is disrupting with their expanding lineup though ‘drunk’ and Enertion who is attempting to move in a similar vein must be lead by a ‘drunk’ also.

My point is simple. Engaging design is focused design, through precise engineering. Precision is inherently specialised, specific and therefore expensive.
I’ll give you the knock on Apple repairability, though the flip side of that argument is the positives of deep integration and optimisation.

I am happy to argue/converse with you, but be a bit more mature about it, grow up a bit, somewhere beyond 14 would be nice.


If you want me to read all that, send a purchase order


a graceful defeat


Nah, I’m not going to spend time on appleheads. I do that at work already. I know how idiotic y’all are

It’s like “Don’t pray in my school and I won’t think in your church”

Except apple


Again with the non constructive commentary that adds precisely nothing to the conversation. I am a ‘design’head to use your crude analogy.

If you have nothing worth saying, consider saying nothing at all for it seems there is no hope for the lost.


ok so why keep replying :joy::grin:



this is like the blind leading the naked… :upside_down_face:


m8 you’re trying way too hard with the vocabulary


I know right!

I love apple music it’s just like spotify but instead of green and black you get gray!
and they make top notch phones :joy: