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Boosted... Meh, no more Loaded decks or Caliber trucks


I think BB will bring attention to the short board style, as city commuter. Then if you can out your Banshee under the light next to the mini BB people that doesn’t want belt drive can think about it. On the other hand I am afraid at the same price point they will choose the well known brand over the others. Just my opinion.


I expect plenty of people will choose the name brand over the new kid on the block.

Regardless of whatever happens though, the Banshee gets a ton of PR for being presented as a legitimate Boosted challenger. We do only beat it in Stability/weight/range/speed/weatherproofness/motor noise (silent)/carry-ability/and a handful of other categories. Point being, it’s a foot in the door for us. RIP those budget brands however, who’s entire business model was all about being cheaper than the Boosted. Seems we’re one of the few who’s standing now, thanks to an actually competitive performing product.


Good I am happy for you. I definitely see a market for it, as hub motor drive is a great alternative. Moreover you probably don’t need the amount of sales BB needed so even a part of then would be fine for you to lunch your Banshee to a bigger market.


Boosted boards have 4 longboard wheels


In due time we’ll have upgraded hub motors with Labeda-casted urethane. So I’m not too worried at the moment.


Just time to focus on your marketing efforts.


This is soooooo simmilar

I wish they still had orangtang wheels


Do you have any plans for a carvon style direct drive in the future? I think a reliable production board with that style drive would have a very large market. I don’t understand why other companies haven’t come out with a direct drive board, unless carvon has a patent on it already?


because of money. and mass production is hard as f. why do you think enertion is in trouble still, jed board been teaseing alllll years, even boosted need like 12 wks before they can start shipping. it took them 7 years to come up with in-house designed board.
I haven yet to tried carvon but beside changeable wheels I don’t see the point.
it is quite expensive for the motor too which i understand why but usd 400 for the motors alone is too high.

@PredatorBoards keep it going with your style. I wish the wheels are a bit bigger tho, like standard 97mm, than u got my money.


Well technically it’s not really any more expensive if you are buying quality parts. On a traditional belt build, besides two motors you have to add in the cost of trucks (or a single truck since Carvon doesn’t include front), then two of each mount, wheel pulleys, motor pulleys,and belts, then it would take a while to adjust angles and tension, once everything is in place, every screw needs to be pulled out to apply loctite.


Speaking from experience holding (not riding) a Boosted Mini X (work and live in Silicon Valley):

  • Build quality is superior to any off-the-shelf esk8 I’ve seen, by any company, at any price. Super nice plastics and buttons and grip tape, etc.
  • Wheels and trucks are also very nice (not Paris Savant / Otang 4Pres nice… but I’d say better than Paris+Bustin collab and much better than clones).
  • Sounds just like a Boosted Board

The bad:

  • I told Jamie at Red Ember I thought it was over 20 lbs! (their site says 17). It feels super heavy, so much that I am not ordering one.
  • I thought the Boosted hanger was forged but their site says it’s machined, idk. I didn’t immediately recognize ‘precision truck’ is really what I mean.
  • Deck has a neat shape and I like the tailbone, yet I wonder how good it will boardfeel on pavers or even coarse pavement. I predict fatigue.
  • The ER battery dorsal hump is huge and made it feel weird to hold (as much as I dislike handles on decks, the Riptide R1 got this right).

I really, really thought about buying one but didn’t:

  • The Mini X is slower than a used Boosted 2 Dual+
  • It costs more than a used Boosted 2 Dual+
  • It weighs more than a Boosted Plus (with the same range)

At $750 for the Mini, idk… I think the cheaper Boosted will carry better, until it runs out of battery in an hour, which might save my feet and knees in the long-run? Hard sale.

I’d rather have a DIY single motor on a world-class boardfeel deck like an Icarus, all things being equal.

Hope this helps!


PREACH!!! :slight_smile:


It would be interesting to see if it’s possible to build a better esk8 than the BB Mini with the same budget. $750 is really cheap. My DIY board has nothing special, single drive 10S 4.5Ah lipo, clone flywheels, used Landyatchz deck from Craigslist. I spent more than $750.


there you go @louwii


The detail and finesse that Apple puts in to their design work is absolutely astounding. You are smoking the most potent available.


Yep the kings of form over function. Why is it they haven’t released a laptop that isn’t thermally crippled? How about a apple phone that can make it all day with out recharging, and will not shatter if drop? Apple fans are kinda terrible…


That’s very nice of you. Appreciate it : )


Android/Windows Crew FTW!!!


Android/Linux Crew FTW


I bet that you are very open minded person.