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About girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and esk8


Esk8 is a very new hobby for me… but my wife is used to it. Home theatre, home gym, photography, snowboarding, home automation, esk8… I always need to have a project I’m working on and they typically tend to be expensive :joy::cry:


Well at least you ride with the Evolve crew down there. Their publicity gets them a few good looking lady riders interested . Especially that U.K. one :flushed: :exploding_head: maybe one day more will understand why we do this.


Is it just me or the word „HOBBY“ appears very often in this thread :thinking:


I am intrigued :face_with_monocle: which one exactly are you talking about?


Especially the U.K. one


I feel so dirty…


I’m one lucky dude. After reading this thread, I feel even more lucky. Around the springtime this year, I asked her about the idea of me doing my first DIY build. She only had one condition: that I build her one too.

Great women do exist. Pic of our first ride together (for proof):



@b264 :kissing_heart:

@Arzamenable :wink:

@monsterbuilder :+1::+1:


When I told my mother about esk8 and how fast they can go she made me wear gadam hockey pads and I felt like that kid from christmas story…



I just told my mother that it goes only 5mph :joy:





My requirements for any significant other:

  1. Knows how to skate
  2. Puts up with my obsession with esk8
  3. Eats baconburgers


My GF is super chill and doesn’t mind, just hates when I fall and get scraped up. But she’s happy I’m happy.


My missus

  1. has no idea how much I spend
  2. is used to me building something
  3. thinks I’m a massive nerd
  4. calls you lot my boyfriends. “talking to your boyfriends again?”

Funny chick.


She’s just jelly. You should call the jelly police on her.


first point is very important!
if you need to balance out the costs you spend it´s getting really really expensive… shoes for new trucks…bag for new deck…iphone for new focbox…

last point…they all the same :joy:


Hahahaha @b264 WRECK THEM ALL​:joy::joy:

joking, joking :grin:


Dude this describes my situation exactly. She calls them “Dork skateboard friends” :heart_eyes:

This thread is really interesting, I was literally thinking about this last night before bed. I read here a lot that people’s other halves don’t know how much it all costs. I don’t actively hide the costs but I also don’t wake her up at 5am and say “Sup homegirl, last night I spent £700 on some experimental gear drives for my skateboard lolololololol want some tea?”

Only kidding, I say the last part.


Took over the basement and made it a workshop over the course of a year and now my parents want me to pay rent for the basement