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55 inch longboard build - Completed 6/11/16



New build

55 inch custom longboard by Sincity Longboards
Purple Caliber Trucks
Purple 83mm wheels
Not sure of the motor yet

Will also be adding headlights and RGB LEDs for ground effects

Not meant for speed only for cruising flats

More info to follow

Sweet Decks to make ⚡️Electric - Post your suggestions

I’ve been thinking lately how cool it would be to build a real E-Longboard. This is gonna be awesome!
You must post a video of you first ride on the boardwalk.


Thats CRAZY!


mother of god


Lol…it funny because I just finished my smallest build…and this is gonna be my biggest lol


This is actually going to New Jersey


Oh if u want a custom board from Sincity longboards… He’ll make pretty much anything


Protect your batteries. My longest board is 42" truck to truck and I have high centered on curb transitions to parking lots and the occasional buckle in the pavement.

It might be worth it to consider a battery pack at each end tucked right up near the truck and leave the center of the board unfettered.



Lol curbs?

Not gonna happen

This thing is stiff no flex …ill have the electronics and battery to the back the middle would be asking for trouble


Have you checked out hamboards?


Yeah … But too expensive


Ok be back gonna watch ironman And captain America lol


yeah true just checked prices $500 for a deck!!!


Dang, that things yuge! You could lay out and sleep on that thing when the battery runs out. Lol


Hahahah that’s what she said :joy:


you could totally add two more sets of wheels and have a 6-wheel drive…basically enough vertical climb to get to space


Lol … Right?

A deck this size it’s a shame I only get to put the basics on it…

Another time…Another deck lol


Yeah mon that’s a lot of $$$&

Meanwhile I could get a few decks around the same size… And custom all hard wood…


And cross stepping and nose riding and hanging ten!


Lol no :poop:

An older gentleman will be cruising on this…

So hope he does a little of that lol