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2019 Esk8 convention?


I saw a lot of talk about a Vegas convention in 2018 hope it went off well.
I would like to propose a Esk8 convention in Northern California. After reading the posts of the last one in Vegas it seemed a lot of work for one person. I would like to form a committee of people that live in No. Calif. Preferably in the Bay Area (you know who you are) but i’m not against the Sacramento area, That area has much more land and may be a bit more laxed about a bunch of skateboarders invading their town.
If we can split up the different task and responsibilities we may be able to pull it off. As of right now if you interested in helping PM me and if you were involved in the Vegas get together I would like to hear some of the issues you encountered and the triumphs you achieved.
Once we have some brave folks who want to step up than we can set up a meeting place and decide exactly what we would like the weekend to include.
Thanks for your time.hey-bud-lets-party


Esk8 Squad is currently looking at Colorado sometime next June for our next convention. Would love to see some other organized events though!! :blush: Make it happen! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


come to Australia!!!


Where would you hold it?


either Sydney or Melbourne. maybe even the Gold Coast as that’s where evolve are based. Sydney and Melbourne have a pretty big esk8 scene


Cough. Perth.


google flights to Australia in summer

close laptop

burn laptop


Don’t burn it you need to sell it. I love the ideal of AUS, but brenternet is right flight cost is a killer $$$


I think Northern California is ideal. It is the birth place of skateboards:sunglasses:


wheels are already in motion. if you’d like to help out let @Michaelinvegas know.

im sure norcal would be awesome. but so would nyc, dc, orlando, austin, denver, san diego, portland, et al ad infinitum. and those who committed to the last renegade event kinda get dibs on volunteering locations for the next one. not to say that peeps here dont have a say. but its important to participate if you want to help set the agenda.

at the same time there us nothing preventing you from holding an event. i highly encourage you to do so! building community is a huge part of our future, and riding in groups is awesome!


This :arrow_up:


Sometimes it just sucks to live in Europe :frowning:


I think NYC would be a nice place to do a eskate event maybe we can go break @scepterr out of his house and he can join us once again.


I would like to propose a Esk8 convention in Europe also :smile:

(assuming I’m still allowed to travel there next year as I’m from UK sigh)


Please start having chats with @okp also @LazyRolling. I have had various chats with them since the Renegade Weekend… we are in touch with each other to move esk8 to a different level…

So, let them know you exist. Be active in the community. Your one part could be the part that pushes esk8 to the level we think it needs to be.


I´m trying but being a student sometimes just steals a lot of your time :frowning:


id be totally down with going to Europe. Love that place.


Bro totally get it…but whatever you thinking can help…

Maybe you help with a logo…maybe you know someone who can help get us a track…maybe you know a dude that can make cheap stickers…

Your assistance can come in many forms…


Funny that you are mentioning stickers. Give me 5 minutes and you will know what I mean. :wink:

@Aeromech787 The only problem is that the community in Europe is pretty widespread. There are some guys from Germany, Austria (like me :slight_smile:), Uk and so on. :smile:


Then think local first … you have enough in the UK to have an excellent event